After more than 10 years, a figure from the Daily and the Petit Journal leaves the team of Yann Barthès

After more than 10 years, a figure from the Daily and the Petit Journal leaves the team of Yann Barthès

Barely a few hours after the announcement of the departure of Lilia Hassaine from Dailyanother headliner of the program is leaving: Laurent Macabiès, to whom we owed the very popular chronicle Morning Glory.

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Funny week for Daily, Yann Barthès’ talk show on TMC. Tuesday, June 21, we learned of the departure of columnist Lilia Hassaine. “I would like us to watch Lilia Hassainelaunched Yann Barthès at the start of the show. We have to take advantage of having him by our side because it’s the very last time tonight. This is the latest from Lilia Hassaine. She started at small diary in 2016 in Martin Weil’s team.“At the time of presenting his column, Zoom, the young woman had not hidden a certain emotion. “Today I launch Zoom with weeping eyes, for the eyes of the Zoom are all sad. This is the last Zoom by Lilia Hassaine explained Yann Barthès before Lilia Hassaine answered: “I am sad too”.

Another departure just after that of Lilia Hassaine

And at the departure of the journalist, who had been present in the team for six years, a second was added last night: that of Laurent Macabiès. If we did not see his face on the screen, his name is well known to fans of the show since he was in charge of the pellet Morning Glory, an appointment of the show always eagerly awaited. “Good wind to the mascot Laurent Macabiès, the father of the Morning Glory which, for you, has been subjected to hours of morning radio and television every day for 10 years. His last airs tonight“, tweeted last night the columnist Paul Gasnier. A text accompanied by a photo of Laurent Macabiès in the company of Etienne Carbonnier.

Last night, at the end of Morning Glory, Yann Barthès had sent a word to his collaborator: “Many thanks to Laurent Macabiès. It was his last ‘Morning’ (…) You will be greatly missed. We’ve been working together since ‘Le petit journal’. We wish him a lot of happiness with his new life and his new little family.” The start of the school year promises to be very different from other years for the TMC talk show team.

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