Alignment of the planets: do not miss this phenomenon which will not occur again before... 2124

Alignment of the planets: do not miss this phenomenon which will not occur again before… 2124

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The planets of the solar system are aligned on Friday, June 24. Five of them are even observable with the naked eye. A show not to be missed, the next screening was not scheduled until 2124.

Night owls or early risers, it depends, don’t forget to raise your nose to the sky on the night of Friday 24 to Saturday 25 June. The planets of the solar system are aligned. A rare phenomenon that will not happen again before 2124.

From the second part of the night, observers will thus be able to observe, with the naked eye, five planets one after the other: “They are exactly like the sun. If we look at the eastern horizon, we see them small little by little go up in the sky”, explains to our colleagues from Franceinfo Emmanuel Marcq, teacher-researcher in planetology at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin.

Saturn will open the ball “around one o’clock in the morning”, then Jupiter, Mars, the Moon, then Venus and Mercury, before sunrise between 5 and 6 am. As for Neptune and Uranus, a telescope is still necessary.

ud83dudd34 LIVE – ud83dudde3 All planets are visible at this time u27a1ufe0f “The planets rise in reverse order of their distance from the sun. We will have Saturn around 1 a.m., Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and finally the sun”, explains Emmanuel Marcq, researcher in planetology

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) June 24, 2022

To observe them, Emmanuel Marcq advises “to watch about half an hour, forty-five minutes before sunrise. Dawn is just beginning to break and the visibility of the planets is still very good. They are almost all lifted.”

A spectacle that people living in the city will also be able to enjoy according to him: “Some are extremely bright like Venus and Jupiter. You can’t really miss it, even in an urban sky.”

All that remains is to hope that the weather is favorable and does not hide (too much) the sky.

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