"Big shock!"  : A father of large families undergoes a vasectomy then regrets

“Big shock!” : A father of large families undergoes a vasectomy then regrets

Since 2020, clans have followed one another on TF1 in Large families, life in XXL. These atypical tribes tell their extraordinary daily life in front of cameras that follow them throughout their day. Among the first families to have distinguished themselves in docu-reality, the Pellissard, the Gayat or even the Beaufours. Ophélie and Teddy are at the head of a tribe of six children, and they will never have one more. With Jordan De Luxe on his show The Deluxe moment for Entertainment TVthe father explains why.

The Beaufours presented themselves as a zero waste family. They made the heyday of the show throughout the first season and part of the second before finally leaving the program, viewers would not have hooked with the green side. On social networks, they continue to share their XXL tribe daily life. “I didn’t want to have so many children at the base. But I wanted four, it was a number like that and we had children as we went along, according to our desires“, says Teddy Beaufour to Jordan De Luxe.

Then, the couple makes a big decision at some point. “We decided two, three years ago that I would have a vasectomy because we said we were going to stop at six children.“, he says. This choice quickly turned out to be a mistake for Teddy and Ophélie. “After a year, we regretted. This is the biggest mistake of our life“, confides the father, moved, who indicates to have “been sterilized“for its dear and tender”could not take birth control“.

Faced with this fatality of no longer being able to have children by their own choice, the couple suffered. And then, over time, it lost its solidity. “We had a hard time mourning compared to that. Why did we do this? I decided to see a doctor again in Toulouse to go back, it’s possible to do that, throws teddy. I did the surgery but it didn’t work. We spent 4 very complicated months. It’s a mourning, it was a big shock.“Today, the couple does not close the door on the arrival of a seventh baby at home, perhaps in another way.

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