Brad Pitt tells how he spent a year searching his Var estate in search of buried treasure

Brad Pitt tells how he spent a year searching his Var estate in search of buried treasure

It is an astonishing confession that Brad Pitt made to GQ magazine, to which he granted a very long interview and of which he made the front page.

Fooled by a salesman of metal detectors, he spent a year auscultating the ground of his property in the Var, the Château de Miraval, in the hope of discovering a buried treasure there.

If he frankly admits the “ridiculous” of the situation, he tells how much the misadventure pleased him: “The hunt was exciting. (…) I was obsessed. For a year, I was completely obsessed”says the man who fell in love with his mansion of some 35 rooms surrounded by lush gardens, fountains, aqueducts, a pond, a chapel and a vineyard of nearly 50 hectares. .

Legend and naivety

The story started when the actor received the confidence of a stranger assuring him that, somewhere in his domain of Correns, was a buried treasure. A reserve of gold estimated at several million dollars, which would have been seized in the East by a former owner at the time of the Crusades and then buried on the lands of the domain.

Faced with his interlocutor who guaranteed him that the story was well known, the actor saw nothing but fire: “Maybe it’s because of my childhood, I grew up in the Ozarks [une région montagneuse du Missouri, NDLR] where we heard lots of stories of hidden gold mines.”

With a metal detector, he then combed his immense land in search of a treasure which he, of course, never found. Until he realizes that the stranger was actually linked to a radar company, and that his ruse had no other objective than to encourage the actor to invest money in it.

Miraval still at the heart of a conflict

The Miraval estate has been at the heart of a dispute between Brad Pitt and his ex-wife Angeline jolie for several months. The latter would have sold to a Russian oligarch its shares in the field, which the couple had acquired in 2008 before celebrating their marriage there in 2014, without the endorsement of the actor, according to the latter.

Brad Pitt then accused his ex-wife Angelina Jolie of having had “evil intentions” and took her to court in Los Angeles earlier this year.


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