Cyril Lignac unpleasantly surprised by candidates for the Best Pastry Chef, the professionals

Cyril Lignac unpleasantly surprised by candidates for the Best Pastry Chef, the professionals

Kick off of the competition on M6. This Thursday, June 23, the fifth season of the “Best Pastry Chef, the Professionals” began: seven pairs from the world of pastry embarked on the adventure. To judge them, the program is betting this year on a new pair: so Cyril Lignac is once again at the rendezvous, Christelle Brua, pastry chef at the Élysée, is making her big debut on M6.

For this first evening, a special test awaited the candidates: the seven pairs had to make a trompe-l’oeil dessert. In addition to Cyril Lignac and Christelle Brua, Julien Alvarez (international executive chef of pastry creation for Ladurée) came to judge the candidates. To try to stand out, Théo and François decided to go with a trompe-l’oeil based on potatoes. If it looks like a tuber, their creation is actually composed of a crispy speculoos, a mango compote and an exotic mousse. At the time of the tasting, the jury seemed conquered by the visual aspect of the dessert: “It’s really not easy to recognize the real potato of your dessert, it does“, begins Julien Alvarez. Cyril Lignac will then grab one of the plates to proceed to the cutting, but not everything will go as planned.

Indeed, the pastry chef realizes that he is splitting a real potato in two. “But this is the real potato? And you soaked it? In fact you wanted to scam me?“, he launched. In order for their dessert to be as similar as possible, the duo did not hesitate to present a “lacquered” potato, which makes it easier to imitate. “I see the vibe, no problem“, added Cyril Lignac, both amused and a little stung by this surprise. After tasting the real dessert of the duo, the pastry chef did not hide his little disappointment. “It lacks lemon, pep, what you are actually telling us. You have me the mountain, we are good men… You have to send“, he regretted. At the end of the episode, Théo and François were eliminated from the competition.



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