Daily: Another figure of the show leaves Yann Barthès, after Lilia Hassaine ...

Daily: Another figure of the show leaves Yann Barthès, after Lilia Hassaine …

Mad departures in Daily. After announcing that Lilia Hassaine, emblematic columnist of the program, was leaving the ship, Yann Barthès pays tribute to another figure of his show, Thursday June 23, 2022 on the set, on the air of TMC. It is Laurent Macabiès, man in the shadows. Indeed, he does not appear on the screen but plays an important role for the smooth running of the show.

Each day, the host presents Dailyprogram composed of several chronicles including the famous Morning Glory, a comic moment that takes up the striking images of the morning radio and TV shows. It is precisely this pastille that Laurent Macabiès deals with. “Many thanks to Laurent Macabiès. It was his last Morning (…). We will miss you very much. We’ve been working together since The small newspaper. We wish him a lot of happiness with his new life and his new little family.“, let go of Yann Barthès. The main interested party was then installed near the public and was able to “To say hello” to the camera, thus revealing his face. Besides, he let loose a shy “thank youto his comrade.

If no information leaks about the new adventure that awaits Laurent Macabiès, our colleagues from Puremedia ensure that, according to their information, the pellet Morning Glory is set to evolve next season.

This departure comes after that of Lilia Hassaine. “I would like us to watch Lilia Hassaine. And let’s take advantage of having her by our side because it’s the very last of Lilia Hassaine tonight“, thus declared Yann Barthès on Tuesday June 21, 2022. And to add in a farewell speech: “Even though his words are written on the teleprompter, they are sincere. We will all miss you. But beyond that, I wanted to thank you for your work, your trust, your friendship. I look forward to welcoming you for your third book. We’ll drink champagne and reminisce about the good old days!

Thursday June 23, 2022, for its penultimate show of the season before a resumption at the start of the next school year, after the summer, Daily attracted 1.61 million viewers, which corresponds to 8% of the total audience.

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