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Fireworks, mega NRJ concert … Here’s how Toulouse is going to party for July 14

The highlight of the entertainment on July 14 in Toulouse will be the traditional fireworks display, which will be fired over the Garonne between the Pont Saint-Michel and the Pont-Neuf. (©Toulouse News Archive)

After a sacrificed year in 2020 and an event in 2021 punctuated by four different fireworks and around twenty concerts scattered around town due to the health crisis, the July 14 festivities are finally returning to normal in Toulouse!

Return to a “classic format”

Friday June 24, 2022, the town hall of Toulouse presented the program and the device of the animations. “We are returning to a classic format for the most popular annual event for Toulouse residents”, welcomes Jonhy Dunal, municipal councilor in charge of events.

Space-themed fireworks

July 14 is first of all eagerly awaited by one of the markers of French culture: the firework.

Designed as every year by the Ruggieri company, it will find its fabulous spot on the Garonne between the Saint-Michel bridge and the Pont-Neuf. “Entitled ′Toulouse la tête dans les étoiles, du rêve à la réel′, it is written for the capital city which makes people discover the immensities of space and makes young and old dream. A light and sound show, it mixes original soundtracks from science fiction series and films with communication excerpts from space missions, from Apollo to Space X, from Doctor Who to Interstellar, ”indicates the Capitol.

The fireworks will be fired from 24 rafts and barges in the middle of the river, and a 500 meter long firework wall will be reflected on the Garonne. Magical !

“The new devices will be more environmentally friendly, with a special process to warn wildlife and accustom birds to react as if an approaching thunderstorm was on their way.”

Jonnhy DunalMunicipal councilor in charge of events
The NRJ Music Tour concert returns to Prairie des Filtres, in Toulouse.  Here during the concert in 2017.
The NRJ Music Tour concert returns to Prairie des Filtres, in Toulouse. Here during the concert in 2017. (©Toulouse News Archives/Pablo Tupin)

The cast of the NRJ concert

The other big event will be the NRJ Music Tour concert, animated by the essential Cauet. While the town hall of Toulouse has abandoned the major televised concerts on the Place du Capitole for the Fête de la Musique, THE big evening of July 14 remains very much in the news. A free event that will take place Meadow of Filters; from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., until the fireworks. On the program, Toulouse residents will be able to applaud Bordeaux Jeremy Frerot, Dadju, Shouse, the rapper Hatik, Yanns (revealed by YouTube and TikTok), Camellia Jordana, Tayc and his Caribbean sounds as well as the Rennes rapper Lujipeka.

Many screens and a live on Twitch

A stage of 16 meters by 14 will be installed in the middle of the Filter meadow and many screens will be set up to bring the concert to life in many places around the meadow.

Videos: currently on Actu

“A screen will be placed to the left of the stage, another behind and another at the bottom of the Filter meadow. A video reminder will be made at La Daurade and Port Viguerie, and sound reminders will be made on the bridges, without delay which is rather a performance. We wish a good reception from the public and that the party is as popular as possible”.

The organizers of the NRJ concert

Fans of Twitch, the fashionable live and video streaming service, will be served since the evening will be broadcast live by the company T-Live media., which will offer immersive wanderings in the middle of the shows and behind the scenes to improve “spectator experience”.

The young Lisaa Camin is one of the Toulouse singers in the making.  She will perform with other local artists in the first part.
The young Lisaa Camin is one of the Toulouse singers in the making. She will perform with other local artists in the first part. (©Christian Audiau)

Toulouse talents in the first part

Before the big concert, the first part will be provided by talents from the Toulouse scene, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The finalist of The Voice 2021 will perform Cyprien Zeni, the ace of electronic music Matt Mendez, the young Lisaa Caminwhich we saw in 2022 opening for Cali at the Bascala in Bruguieres (Haute-Garonne) and who released his first title, “In my head”, and the French breakdance champions of Break’in School.

>> Here is the clip of “In my head”, by Lisaa Cam<<

The total budget for the activities of 14-July Toulouse amounts to €850,000, a budget slightly up on 2019.

Bus and metro until 2am

On the practical side, traffic around the Prairie des Filtres will be cut from Thursday July 14, 2022 at 1 p.m. until Friday July 15, 2022 at 2 a.m. Buses and metro will run until 2am (with an increase in the number of trains) but the tramway will be closed between the Arènes and Palais de Justice stations from 1 p.m. on National Day.

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