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Florent Pagny

Florent Pagny collapsed, the Canvas upset

As we all know, “The Voice” is a pre-recorded show. It would thus be possible that Florent Pagny received the bad news concerning his health in the middle of filming competitions. During the Battle of his two teams, June and Morgane on April 9, 2022, the singer collapsed in tears. This after having made the choice between the two candidates. But apparently it wasn’t just the performance of these two youngsters that made the coach so emotional. We take stock.

The announcement of his illness

Last January, Florent Pagny informed his subscribers on Instagram that he was suffering from lung cancer. Bad news that forced him to cancel his 60-year-old Tour in order to devote himself to his fight against his illness. He still assured his fans that they will always see them again in “The Voice”, because the show was recorded before.

Thus, the interpreter of “Knowing how to love” was always present on the red armchair of “The Voice”. At one point during the show, the singer burst into tears in front of the rest of the team when faced with the performance of two of his candidates. A sequence that moved the Web.

Very moved, Florent Pagny collapsed live

On April 9, 2022, it was the second Battle session of “The Voice”. Two talents from the Florent Pagny team competed in front of the jury, Morgane and Jude. Inca’s father had a hard time choosing between the two young women. In the end, it was Morgane he chose.

“I am in a particular season. There are lots of weird talents and I have a lot of them in my team, weird talents. I am attracted to this strangeness so I will keep Morgane, ”said the best friend of Pascal Obispo, moved, with a trembling voice.

Azucena’s husband was very moved after making his choice. However, it was not just the performance of these talents that upset him, but some sad news he had just received. He had indeed received a call in the evening during the filming of this show announcing to him that he was suffering from cancer.

In addition, the tumor would be inoperable. Terrible news that did not leave Internet users indifferent. His fans were shocked after hearing the news he shared on his Instagrams. Many people then expressed themselves on the Web in order to support him.

“All my thoughts and my strength against this mess of disease”, “Huge respect to Mr. Florent Pagny for his dignity and his courage! You will win this fight! », « it is almost him who would give us strength. “, can we read on Twitter.

Luckily, there has been good news lately regarding his health. His Tumor the size of a Kiwi has now turned into a small nut. In addition to his fans, he was able to count on the support of his wife and his two children, Inca and Aël. Moreover, he recently announced that he is going to recharge his batteries in the middle of nature, in Patagonia (Argentina) with his relatives.

“After The voice, it’s over! »

As mentioned above, Florent Pagny seems to have responded well to his treatment. He was also present during the final of “The Voice” which was held on May 21, 2022. He made a speech that touched many viewers, as evidenced by the reactions on Twitter.

He wanted to be present at the end of this season, because he is about to withdraw a little from the media sphere. During an interview with Nikos Aliagas, the nature enthusiast announced that after “The Voice”, it’s over! He was going to enjoy his life in nature with his loved ones. But that after a six-month break, the interpreter of “Anything” would make a comeback.

“As long as my voice is there, I am here! I don’t give up! ” did he declare.

We wish the singer to regain his health very quickly!

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