François (Koh Lanta 2022): his victory disgusts his ex-colleagues firefighters, "he is not a hero"

François (Koh Lanta 2022): his victory disgusts his ex-colleagues firefighters, “he is not a hero”

Rather flat, even boring, this Koh Lanta 2022 was more talked about through a few light anecdotes (hello the hood during comfort) than for the adventure itself. Apart from the anti-hero Jean-Charles that viewers dreamed of seeing win hard, the other candidates did not really mark the fans of the program. Except maybe Francis. Not for his strategies, his strength or his way of hiding a necklace between his buttocks but, unfortunately, for a tragedy that occurred long before his adventure.

A few days before the start of this Koh Lanta 2022, we learned that the firefighter had been indicted for manslaughter during a fire. This caused the death of a colleague, Jérémy Beier, and serious injuries to several other men. A tragic fact that the prod of the show discovered at the same time as the public.

François’ lawyer defended his client in TPMP and in particular asserted:to be indicted is to be presumed innocent. There is a media court that tries to replace justice and the problem with this court is that it has no rule, especially that of the presumption of innocence. He doesn’t know her“. Not enough to calm François’ former colleagues, like Lucas Canuel, injured during this fire and furious to discover his ex-chief on the island.

Watching him look good was a pain

Again questioned by the press after the victory of François, the man is still disgusted. In the latest issue of Public magazine released on June 24, he says: “Koh Lanta was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Watching him do the beautiful thing was a pain. It’s humiliating for us“. He also criticizes the one who won €50,000 for not having expressed himself on what he was going to do with his winnings: “we thought that if he won, he would donate his check to the work of the pupils of the firefighters“. Still in the magazine, he also returns to the accusations of cheating by François during the orientation with the beacon: “he always slips through the cracks“.

Same disgust on the side of David Fontaine, also formerly under the orders of François with the firefighters of Hérault. He really couldn’t watch this Koh Lanta 2022 : “go have fun while we drag our sequels and our mourning, it’s too hard for the victims” he explains to Public. “His participation makes me nauseous. For me, he is not a hero!“.

The firefighter also remembers having met François shortly after his return from the adventure. Finding him very thin, he was far from imagining that it was because of Koh Lanta : “I thought he was affected by the accident and the upcoming trial“.

Pending the trial in question, hoped for by the two men for the end of the year, François remains presumed innocent of the charges against him.

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