FromSoftware's next game is nearing the end of development - GameSpot

FromSoftware’s next game is nearing the end of development – GameSpot

A call for talent which is accompanied by a new interview with director and director Hidetaka Miyazaki published on the Japanese site 4Gamer. During this exchange, we learn in particular that FromSoftware’s next game is in the final stages of its development and that the studio has several other projects in sight, some of which will not be piloted by the illustrious director of Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls. , Bloodborne, Uprooted, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring.

Let’s go back in order. To begin with, the development of the next FromSoftware is therefore almost finished. At the risk of advancing a little, we recall that the studio has been talking about the production of a new Armored Core for many years and that images even escaped at the start of the year. Suffice to say that we would be rather surprised to learn that the next FromSoftware causes something other than big combat robots.

At the same time, Hidetaka Miyazaki confirms that he still intends to make games and that the production of his next title has already started. “In the medium to long term, I would like to work on a fantasy that is more abstract than anything we have done in the past.“, he slips without missing the slightest other clue.

On the other hand, it is certain that the time has come for FromSoftware to diversify its production lines and to again entrust the production of some to people other than Miyazaki. This could already be the case for the next Armored Core, rest. “In fact, we’re working on several titles made by people other than me, and it’s time to increase our development staff. I think we will be able to show you a different color or direction for FromSoftware“, confirms the director of the studio.

In addition to these projects, Miyazaki recalls thatElden Ring will always be subject to updates, a term vague enough to encompass both traditional patches and adjustments, but also perhaps genuine additional content. Apart from sekiroexpansions have incidentally always been commonplace in FromSoftware’s action-RPGs since Dark Souls.

The interview with 4Gamer also acts as a recruitment campaign and, as a good business leader, Miyazaki highlights some of his company’s assets, such as the recent salary increase to 260,000 yen (1,830 euros) per month for young people. graduates, not to mention the mechanism that makes it possible to pay additional bonuses when the company’s financial results are good. Moreover, exhaustion at work is not de rigueur at FromSoftware and clearly does not constitute a reason for hiring, it is in any case the friend Hidetada who says so.

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