"I can barely stand": Hospitalized and worried about his health, Hoshi gives up a concert

“I can barely stand”: Hospitalized and worried about his health, Hoshi gives up a concert

As she continued her tour, singer Hoshi was forced to cancel a performance. The young star was expected this Friday, June 24 on the stage of the Château des ducs de Savoie, in Chambéry, but his health prevents him from coming to sing there.

It’s in the story of his account that the interpreter of the tubes Your sailor and love censorship gave his news. “I am very ill (fever, very very sore throat etc.). Honestly, I’ve rarely had so much pain and I can barely stand. I went to the hospital as soon as we arrived on the tour bus. So I’m sincerely sorry but we won’t be able to play Chambéry tonight“, Hoshi wrote with a broken heart, on a photo showing a medical device in the background. As the Covid contamination figures soar again, has the singer contracted the virus? Since its publication, she has not given additional news. For now, his illness remains a mystery…

Hoshi, who has been a victim of homophobia since her media debut in show business, has built up a loyal following that she loves to entertain on tour. But his health regularly plays tricks on him and this disrupts his artistic projects. Asked by the JDD last year, she then revealed that she had Ménière’s disease, suffering from various very disabling symptoms such as hearing problems accompanied by tinnitus or even loss of balance. “No treatment exists, no medicine is effective. Sometimes violent attacks of vertigo occur in the middle of the night. Then I have to stop everything and lay down“, declared Hoshi.

It’s everyday and it’s hard because it’s hard to explain, even for the people around us, because it can’t be seen. It’s like a child who is in pain and who can’t say because he can’t speak, well that’s a bit like that. I don’t feel well sometimes, what..(…) There isn’t even a treatment that really exists. There are tricks to mitigate, but here goes…“, added the singer in It’s up to you.

Note that Hoshi is expected in Sète, at the Théâtre de la Mer, on July 25th.

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