Jennifer (Married at First Sight) regrets editing the show

Jennifer (Married at First Sight) regrets editing the show

Participant in season 6 of Married at first sight, Jennifer gives us an interview. She expresses some regrets.

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Against all odds, Jennifer and Eddy, a couple formed by experience Married at first sight, chose to remain married. By mutual agreement, the two Lille residents have decided to give each other a little more time to try to build their history. As we were able to discover, Jennifer has a hard time letting go. On the night of the wedding, they chose to sleep separately. On the honeymoon, they continued to sleep apart, Jennifer needing time to get to know her husband better. In an interview for Tele-Leisurethe pretty blonde nevertheless regrets that her story with Eddy told on the air is centered on her blockages.

“My experience is not limited to blockages”

For her, the show is too focused on blockages: “We have seen too many of them! I have the impression that my story boils down to this… Yes, the blockages are present and they will be until the end, that we know. It’s part of my story. It’s true that we had some really good times. During the ceremony, we laughed a lot. Many things have never been shown. We talked about my son, I never hid my child from Eddy. Of course, we can’t show everything otherwise it would be too long but I have the impression that we saw a girl constantly blocked. Off, we had some great times. It’s a shame because our experience is not limited to blockages!“, she regrets. “In people’s eyes, it’s a bit of a shame. For me, our compatibility was not highlighted“, she adds.

For her, the antenna rendering is not quite faithful: “We had agreed with Eddy not to sleep together, each room apart and not every week, we went back to that. We knew we weren’t going to sleep together, it was said off between him and me from the start“, she wishes to clarify. “It’s not because you have this experience that you have to sleep with your husband, everyone advances at their own pace“, she concludes.

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