Johnny Depp: Makeover and secret stay, the actor back in France!

Johnny Depp: Makeover and secret stay, the actor back in France!

France will always have a special aura for him. Very discreetly, Johnny Depp returned to the country of his ex, Vanessa Paradis, for a secret stay that lasted four days. But it is not to count fleurette that the actor went to the country of Molière. It is for professional purposes, since he will finally make his return to the cinema.

After six weeks of trial against Amber Heard, in the United States, Johnny Depp actually went by private jet to our borders, according to information from the magazine Here is, to take care of his acting career. He has been preparing for several days for his next role: he will play the monarch Louis XV in Jeanne du Barrythe next feature film by Maïwenn which focuses on the famous favorite of the king.

It is in the Hyatt hotel, five stars of the place Vendôme, that he deposited his suitcases. “He’s a big American star, he always has bodyguards with him, but there the numbers had been doubled and his assistant didn’t let go of a single sole.explains a source of Here is. His stay here was planned for a long time, he was expected for the preparation of Maïwenn Le Besco’s next film. She had wanted to work with him for a long time, this was the opportunity. It’s a film with a budget of 20 million euros, so the production wanted something heavy…

It has been completely revamped

Johnny Depp has rediscovered the pleasures of his profession after having experienced legal escapades for a very long time. “He was completely revamped, he changed his haircut and even came out of there without a beard or mustache, we say at Here is. One evening, he even had six pizzas delivered to his suite, when he was just spending the evening with a friend.“You have to believe that the actor has taken a liking to this Parisian life. He will be back in France this summer to accompany his friend Jeff Beck on guitar during his musical tour…

Find all the information on Johnny Depp in the magazine Here, n ° 1803, of June 24, 2022.

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