Kate Middleton: Laughter after a football on heels, the all-terrain duchess impresses!

Kate Middleton: Laughter after a football on heels, the all-terrain duchess impresses!

A day in a good mood under the British sun: this Thursday, Prince William and Kate Middleton began their visit to Cambridgeshire, a region in the west of the country, from which they bear the name. Indeed, during their marriage, they had been granted the title of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by the Queen, an act which made this visit particularly important for them.

After visiting the beautiful and historic University of Cambridge, they then spent their day meeting locals and even attended a first aid course. But the moment preferred by those who attended this meeting was, of course, when the couple proved that they were not doing too badly at football.

If the duke was in costume and was therefore able to kick the ball quite easily, his wife, meanwhile, was dressed in a long purple dress LK Bennett and espadrilles with wedge heels. Less easy for her… but nothing to put her off: she also played football in front of the crowd present, no doubt laughing at these heels which somewhat handicapped her.

It must be said that football is a family affair with them: Prince William follows the matches with passion and even goes to the stadium when he can. His wife, Kate, plays regularly with people she meets on official visits and never minds a little game.

As for their children, it’s the same thing: George had notably insisted on attending all the matches of the British team during the Euros and Charlotte recently insisted that her father tell the women’s team that she was very good at scoring goals. Besides, we should perhaps see her in the stands of the Women’s Euro, which will be held in July in England …

And even little Prince Louis, who seems to have plenty of energy at 4 years old, had been filmed by his parents running behind a ball and playing with his mother. A good distraction for them, who made such a good figure during the Jubilee weekend!

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