Laurent Ruquier's new projects on France 2

Laurent Ruquier’s new projects on France 2

The life after. In the columns of “Parisien” this Friday, Laurent Ruquier confides in his return to September on France 2. Next season, the host will no longer be at the presentation of the Saturday evening show, “We are live” . This box will now be embodied by Léa Salamé. However, the voice of “Big heads” continues the animation of “Children of TV” on Sunday on Two and will have several bonus projects on France 2.

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In October and November, I’m going to test two new releases in prime time. The first will be a song show about current events, where singers, impersonators or comedians will perform titles related to current events, either with their original text or with parodies that I will write“, announced Laurent Ruquier. And to present his second future program, already called “Today like yesterday”: “It will be the news of the moment seen through the prism of yesterday’s images. There will be guests on set and a great debate as I wanted to do on Saturday evening“.

“Be careful with your contracts”

In addition, the presenter with round glasses returned to his sentence to pay nearly a million euros to Catherine Barma. The latter, producer of “We are not lying”, had sued Laurent Ruquier following the sudden rupture of their commercial relations and the fifteen economic layoffs which had followed. The host explained that he didn’t “decided yet“if he intended to appeal the judgment:”We have a month to do it“.”I did not sue Catherine Barma, she attacked me. I don’t want people to think I’m the bad guy in this story“, he insisted on underlining. And to add: “If she had wished to continue on Saturday evening, she had the possibility. And this point was not retained in the judgment“.”The next animators with whom she wishes to work have been warned: pay close attention to your contracts“, he launched.

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