LIVE - World Swimming Championships: two new medals for the Blues, Henique's scathing sentence to his father

LIVE – World Swimming Championships: two new medals for the Blues, Henique’s scathing sentence to his father

50m backstroke (H): Tomac eliminated, no French in the final

Mewen Tomac is 7th in his series (24″91) and will not see the final, just like Yohann Ndoye-Brouard, 9th in the semi-finals.

50m backstroke (H): 5th place for Ndoye-Brouard

Yohann Ndoye-Brouard finished in 24″79 but it might be just to catch a glimpse of the final. Hunter Armstrong won in 24″16.

Place in the semi-finals of the men’s 50m backstroke, with two French

Mewen Tomac and Yohann Ndoye-Brouard will try to finish in the first 8 times to see the final.

200m backstroke (F): the title for Kaylee McKeown

Kaylee McKeown (2’05″08) wins at the touch of a breath ahead of Phoebe Bacon (2’05″12) and Rhyan White (2’06″96).

100m butterfly (H): the double for Milak!

Big favorite at home, Kristof Milak won in 50″14 and won the 100-200m butterfly double. He beat Naoki in 50″94 and Joshua Liendo Edwards (50″97).

50m breaststroke (F): Pilato in force

The Italian sets the fastest time in the semi-finals (29.83). The qualifiers for the 50m breaststroke final, which will be played on Saturday evening:

Benedetta Pilato (ITA), Ruta Meilutyte (LTU), Jhennifer Conceiçao (BRE), Anne Elendt (GER), Lara Van Niekerk (AFS), Eneli Jefimova (EST), Qianting Tang (CHN), Lily King (USA).

Marie Wattel: “I remain on my hunger”

“There were some great things, but today I couldn’t express myself as I wanted, it’s frustrating. I might have been able to play for the medal in the 50m butterfly, it’s a shame . With the few frustrations over 50m, I remain unsatisfied. I am on the right path, but we will have to work”, explained Marie Wattel on France Télévisions.

50m NL (F): no final for Marie Wattel

Despite a good start, Marie Wattel finished 7th in her semi-final (25″04) and set the 12th time. Not enough to qualify for her 4th final of the competition. The half was won by the untouchable Sarah Sjoestroem in 24 “15.

50m NL (F): Marie Wattel seeks a place in the final

A few minutes after her final on the butterfly, Marie Wattel is back in the Hungarian ball for the semi-finals of the 50m NL. She is engaged in the second series, with Sarah Sjoestroem.

Grousset: “There are no regrets”

“There are no regrets. It’s the best I could do, when I’ve been bad this season. I dreamed of becoming world champion but I have things to look for. I have to I work the 50m and I’m quite surprised to be here today”, relishes Maxime Grousset on France Télévisions.

Henique: “I think of my father who told me that I couldn’t do it. He was wrong”

Mélanie Henique on France 4: “I think very strongly of my brother, my family, I think very strongly of my father, who told me that I would not make it. He was wrong. I am very happy. I share the medal with my coach, my staff.”

50m NL(H): bronze for Grousset!

The festival continues for the French, with the bronze medal for Maxime Grousset in 21″57! Benjamin Proud wins the title in 21″32, ahead of Michael Andrew (21″41).

Place in the men’s 50m freestyle, with Maxime Grousset

The French will be lane 8, while the Briton Benjamin Proud is the favorite in the absence of Caeleb Dressel and Florent Manaudou.

Henique: “I was aiming to win but I’m happy”

“I’m very happy, I was aiming for the win but with everything that happened, I’m very happy. I put everything into this race, the only thing I said to myself was ‘Light the plot’. C It’s the 50m and that plays in my favour. I share this medal with my coach, my staff. I’ve been in the France team for 13 years and I shit it, “explained the vice-world champion to the France 4 microphone.

Money for Mélanie Henique!

Superb race for Mélanie Hénique (25″31), who brings in the silver behind the untouchable Sarah Sjoestroem (24″95)! Yufei Zhang takes bronze (25″32). Marie Wattel takes 7th place (25″79).

In a few minutes, the women’s 50m butterfly final

Marie Wattel will be in lane n°7, while Mélanie Hénique will be in n°3. Favorite Sarah Sjoestroem, three-time world champion over the distance, will be in lane 4.

Léon Marchand on his physical limits: “I would like to do the crawl too, but I am not yet like Michael (Phelps) to do 9 races in the week”

“I did three races for these championships. I would like to do a 200m breaststroke because I saw that in the medley, I was good, but each time it’s bad. I would like to do the crawl too, but I’m not yet like Michael (Phelps) to do 9 races a week.”

Léon Marchand on the pressure: “I make sure as a leader in the 4th”

“I’m working on it with my mental trainer. The stress pushes me to swim faster. I worked a lot, especially since in 2019 after the world junior championships, I had increased the pressure. It’s been two years since I I’m working on it and I’m controlling it better and better. I’m securing myself as the leader at 4.

I take it positively. When I was in the competition, I focused and I didn’t look at social networks. After swimming, I study programming.”

Léon Marchand on his relationship with Bob Bowman: “He brings me a lot”

“It happened all at once. Every day, we work hard, he prepared me well for the world championships. I know that I will be ready when it is needed. We have proven it. He brings me a lot of serenity, experience, technically. I’ve made a lot of progress in backstroke, it’s not really my weak stroke anymore. The workouts are shorter, there’s less volume and more intensity. In a normal session, it sends for 1h30, with a minute of rest. We don’t have time to talk. With the lessons on the side, we are not allowed to do more than 25 hours of training per week. We are always at the limit with Bob (laughs).

Léon Marchand on RMC: “I’ve been training to be world champion for a year”

“I’ve been training to be world champion for a year. When I compete all season, I had good results and I thought I could get a medal. It’s on time that I was surprised. I’m getting close to Phelps’ record and hopefully next time I’ll be below it. It was a crazy race.”

Léon Marchand on RMC: “I’m very happy with this week”

Guest of the Super Moscato Show, Léon Marchand, double world champion (400m medley, 200m medley) talks about his successes.

“I set out to do the best I could, but getting three medals in three races is a pretty busy week. I’m very happy with this week. The first medal gave me more emotion because it is where I freed myself the most. I have never been a favorite in an international competition. When you are at lane 4, there are a lot of things to manage. I did my best 5 second time, with my family in the stands.”

Two days after her impressive illness, Anita Alvarez banned from competing

Two days after her collapse under water, the International Federation of Artistic Swimming (FINA) does not authorize the American Anita Alvarez to compete this Friday in the team final in artistic swimming.

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