Mbappé announces his goals for next season

Zapping Goal! soccer club PSG – GOAL INFO! : Paris does not forget Kean

Kylian Mbappé will still be present at PSG for the next three seasons. While the capital club is working on the recruitment of several players and a new coach, the French striker is enjoying his well-deserved vacation before starting the new season. Next season PSG wants to continue dreaming bigger and going to win the Champions League. Kylian Mbappé announces his goals for next season.

In an interview, granted to BFM TV, he said: “Of course the Champions League is a goal, it is the clear, displayed, announced goal. We don’t need to list any more adjectives, that’s what we want. Now, we know that there is a way, I think that it also goes back to achieving unanimity at the national level because in the last two years, we have not done it anymore. »

to summarize

While PSG’s pre-season will start in a few weeks, Kylian Mbappé announces his goals for next season. The French striker still wants to win the Champions League and is aware of the road to achieving it.

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