Mercato, attitude … Thauvin empties his bag and charges former President Eyraud

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If he assures that he does not blame former President Jacques-Henri Eyraud for the management of his case, Florian Thauvin, in exile in Mexico for a year, does not hide the responsibility of the former right arm of Frank McCourt in his failed exit:

“He was the president of the club when I had one year left on my contract. I pushed for a long time for an extension. The president did not advance on this subject. I especially think that, when I was coming out of my very high seasons, especially after the World Cup, he asked 80 M€ for me. It was way too much! I don’t blame him. I find it a shame to have left free when that year, Roma were ready to put 40 M€ on me. At the time, it was a nice sum of money”.

At the end, the contract of trust was broken, as the World Champion admitted to Jérôme Rothen:

“Things went wrong. I have a great season but the year after I get injured. I stay on the flank for a year and when I come back, I have a year left on my contract. I expected support from the club at that time. With what I had done at OM, they knew what I could bring them on the pitch. When I got injured, it was time to sit around a table, sign a new contract and have them trust me. They left me alone. They let me wander. At the time, I had nevertheless recruited a physiotherapist to work with me every day at my expense. The club did not want to reimburse me. Basically, I don’t care but I consider that a player, when you want to accompany him, you have to be there in good times and in bad times. That was not done at that time. »

Thauvin returns to his departure from OM

Guest of the show “Rothen ignites” on RMC, Florian Thauvin (Tigers, 29) returned to his departure from OM, acknowledging having experienced “a kind of depression” at the end of his adventure in the City Marseille.

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