Miss France contest: 1m70 and no less, the reason for this rule finally explained!

Miss France contest: 1m70 and no less, the reason for this rule finally explained!

If a year seems long for the Miss France, as much to say that it actually passes in the snap of a finger. Elected in December last year, Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, will hand over her crown and scarf in just six months. This highly anticipated evening for the TF1 team will no longer really be the one we had hitherto known. Appointed president of the Miss France society last year, Alexia Laroche-Joubert wanted to put an end to the diktats and the too strict rules to be respected in order to participate in the competition. Only one, however, could not be repealed.

Questioned in the columns of Gala on the upheavals that will upset the institution, Alexia Laroche-Joubert confided in this essential physical criterion that each candidate must have to claim the status of Miss France: measure at least 1.70 meters “for a practical reason.” “The candidates are dressed in designer dresses and the minimum size to wear them without having to darn them is that, quite simply.“Cosmetic surgery is also banned, with the exception of judged operations”restorative“, “linked to a sex change or the consequences of breast cancer.”

These two points are the only ones to have more or less resisted the invader. This year, for example, AndrĂ©a Furet, first runner-up to Miss Paris 2022, was the first transgender Miss to participate! A feat in a still archaic society: “Above all, we want to be progressive, and the Miss France competition has always been open-mindedrecalls Alexia Laroche-Joubert. Miss France is a beauty contest, we must preserve its essence, and I consider that the old rules were not linked to beauty. It’s not because you have a tattoo that you are not beautiful, it is not because you are a mother that you are not beautiful. […] Miss France has never been a traditional contest, and too bad if we lose the racists, the homophobes or even the transphobes!” The revolution is on !

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