«Je voudrais dénouer les fantasmes»: Nathalie Saint-Cricq révèle son salaire à France Télévisions avec 35 ans d’ancienneté

Nathalie Saint-Cricq reveals her salary to France Télévisions with 35 years of seniority

In an interview, the public service figure reveals his monthly stamp and denies any collusion between journalists and political figures.

Nathalie Saint-Cricq without taboo. On June 22, the political columnist for France 2 spoke in the Politalks podcast, available on Deezer and Spotify. Asked about her stamp, she did not evade the question. “I earn 5,600 euros net per month with 35 years of seniority“, she reveals while specifying”work for France Inter for free on Sundays“. “I never had bonuses. We don’t have an election night bonus, no issue bonus“, she emphasizes again.

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If this figure of the public service expresses himself on the subject, it is also to regain the confidence of the French vis-à-vis the profession of journalists, almost broken. “The ideal would be that we resolve a certain number of fantasies, that we say how much we earn, that we say that we are not even allowed to receive a bouquet of flowers or a bottle of champagne from someone. a“, she continues. “We are absolutely forbidden to do so, I speak in the public service“, she wishes to clarify. “We are not allowed to do anything outside, what we call households. If someone offers me 3 times my salary to host a convention, I have no right to do so.“, she adds again.

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Always at the microphone of this twelve-minute program, Nathalie Saint-Cricq wishes to draw attention to “something that annoys her”: the complacency of political journalists. “We’re never boughtassures the journalist. First of all, we don’t have the right to be bought, then I don’t see how anyone could buy us. I would rather ask people to look at culture, gastronomy, aeronautics journalists…“, she will conclude on the subject.

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