Netflix: why is Elliot Page's French dubbing controversial in Umbrella Academy?  - News Series

Netflix: why is Elliot Page’s French dubbing controversial in Umbrella Academy? – News Series

In season 3 of “Umbrella Academy” on Netflix, the character of Elliot Page now responds to the name of Viktor. To follow this evolution, faithful to the transition of the actor, the French dubbing has also changed. Explanations.

Forget Vanya. Episode 2 of season 3 of Umbrella Academy marks a turning point in the trajectory of Number 7 (Elliot Page). Short hair, the character joins the other members of his family and presents his new first name: Viktor. This transgender coming out is in line with that of the American actor, who announced the news publicly in December 2020.

On the Web, the scene provoked many reactions from the side of the French public. The reason ? The dubbing. Before the transition of the interpreter, in seasons 1 and 2, it was actress Jessica Monceau who doubled the character. From now on, for season 3, it is Jean-Baptiste Maunier – known, among other things, for his role in Les Choristes by Christophe Barratier alongside Gérard Jugnot. The double actor Number 7 from the first episode.

Some viewers find this choice odd. The character of Viktor does not come out until episode 2. However, the decision of Deluxe Media Paris, the studio in charge of the French version, is logical and respects the identity of Elliot Page – even if d Others regret that a transgender actor was not chosen to do the dubbing.

In other languages, such as the Spanish, Italian or even Polish version, the choice is the same. He is an actor who doubles Number 7 from the first episode, so before his coming out. However, the German version takes another decision: the character is dubbed by an actress, Anne Helm, in the first episode, then by an actor, Jasper Domanowski, in episode 2. It is the same for the Japanese version.

This evolution is one of the major events of the beginning of season 3 ofUmbrella Academy. Approached gently and with great respect, this transition has long been discussed between showrunner Steve Blackman and Elliot Page himself. Transgender author Thomas Page McBee was also involved in this writing choice.

Season 3 ofUmbrella Academy is available on Netflix.

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