Niska chamber Juss releasing the single Habibi

Niska chamber Juss releasing the single Habibi

Niska places a small tackle on Juss who does not disassemble

While the French version of Rythm + Flow is a hit on Netflix, some candidates have taken advantage of the show’s buzz to release a new title, such as Juss. The Marseillaise rapper announced the release of the single Habibi this week in reference to his failed performance, which amused Niska.

Selected in Marseille by SCH, Juss was eliminated during the third round during the group freestyle, he had a big blank on stage and improvised an improbable chorus while singing habibi which left the members of the jury perplexed. Even if Shay tried to defend his cause, Niska and SCH were unanimous on the choice not to keep him for the rest of the competition. The performance of the young artist was then parodied on the networks with his sentence “she would like me to call her Habibi but me it’s her ass that I’m going to bibi”.

The charo kindly mocks the candidate then supports

Juss therefore decided to jump on the occasion of this buzz by unveiling a title entitled Habibi in reference to this famous sequence. “JUSS has recorded and will soon release the track “She would like me to call her Habibi…”” described a tweet with a snippet of the single which made Niska laugh. The latter shared the post with a photo of his very puzzled face at the performance against the Marseille artist during his failed freestyle before finally supporting him with a second tweet, “Strength to brother Juss”.

This little mishap did not deter the New School candidate who has just uploaded the clip of his new song, also available on all streaming platforms since this Friday.

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