Perpignan - When Zaho arrives unexpectedly for a concert in Saint-Jacques: "I really felt at home"

Perpignan – When Zaho arrives unexpectedly for a concert in Saint-Jacques: “I really felt at home”

The stars of the song follow one another in Perpignan, often invited by the influencer Nasdas. This time, it was Zaho who came to share his talent with the inhabitants of Saint-Jacques, alongside a local gypsy guitarist.

It is a renowned artist who burst into Perpignan this Thursday evening for a concert in Saint-Jacques. Zaho, a singer well known to the general public, who was approached by Nasdas and her entourage to come and practice her art alongside another music enthusiast, Tony, a gypsy guitarist from the neighborhood.

A concert far from rhinestones and sequins, since it took place… at the city stadium of Saint-Jacques. “I started with things like that, singing with friends, neighbours, people from the neighborhood in Algeria. So I find this atmosphere a bit, it’s an exercise that makes me happy” comments Zaho.

“I had a moment when I was disconnected from everything. Singing in a city is special, but it reminds us of where we come from and why we do this job.”

His arrival was only announced on the influencer’s Snapchat a few hours before his performance, so as not to create crowds that were too monstrous to manage. Despite this, in addition to the people of Perpignan, dozens of fans of the singer made the trip from Gard, Hérault…

“I really felt at home, so I forget that I’m not even from here, but Perpignan is my favorite city now. First of all, I was very well received by Nasdas, Mr. Mayor from the city”, she laughs.

Among the titles interpreted by the singer, “I love you Algerian”, a piece unveiled exclusively for her public in Saint-Jacques since it was only made available on the platforms at midnight.

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