Pierre-Jean Chalençon engages in an attack of rare violence against Caroline Margeridon

Pierre-Jean Chalençon engages in an attack of rare violence against Caroline Margeridon

At the bend of an interview granted to France Sunday, Pierre-Jean Chalençon spoke of the impossibility of reconciling with Caroline Margeridon. Worse, he attacks again, with rare virulence, his former colleague from Affaire Conclue.

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The pass of arms between Pierre-Jean Chalencon and Caroline Margeridon continues. The two former acolytes of the show Deal Concluded hate each other cordially and never miss an opportunity to shoot their arrows. The death of the late Régine, on May 1, had reactivated their enmity since the antiquities specialist and businesswoman had thundered on the CNews set that the troublemaker was one of those freeloaders that the deceased would always have hated. Wrong, replied immediately, who let go at the same time. This Friday, June 24, the fan of Napoleon 1st let go again, at the turn of an interview in the columns of the magazine France Sunday. He first returned to the many controversies at the heart of which he found himself, and plague against the small medium of television, which he sees as a “world of hyenas”.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon loses the pedals talking about Caroline Margeridon

“I’m unsinkable (…) It’s true that I got a kick out of it, it was mean and unjustified, but when you’re happy, you’re often jealous”, comments Pierre-Jean Chalençon. But when asked if a reconciliation with Caroline Margeridon would still be possible, he sweeps away this possibility out of hand. And his remarks reach a virulence rarely achieved so far. He says in fact: “This woman is crazy! She owes me a lot. Without me, Caroline Margeridon is nothing. She is wickedness itself. I was nice enough, I shut my mouth, now that’s enough”.

“They have created a monster, they will have to deal with it”

Despite his aversion to certain personalities on the small screen, the media man among the most divisive admits that he would like to find a show. The one who slammed the door of Affaire Conclue in 2020 says he has two projects in mind, one focused on variety and the other on the Vivienne palace. But for now, status quo. Pierre-Jean Chalençon, aware of his image, concludes: “I think I’m the last troublemaker of the PAF, the one who says out loud what others think quietly, that doesn’t always please. Before TV, I didn’t ask anyone for anything. I became the guy that all television was tearing itself apart. They have created a monster, they will now have to deal with it!”

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