Sharon Stone reveals 'lost 9 children'

Sharon Stone reveals ‘lost 9 children’

Sharon Stone attends the 74th Cannes Film Festival. (July 17, 2021.) Getty Images

The actress first spoke about the multiple drama in a commentary to an Instagram post by dancer Peta Murgatroyd on Tuesday, June 21.

“We women don’t have the space to discuss the depth of this loss,” she began. I lost nine children by miscarriage.” Sharon Stone indeed mentioned this multiple drama for the first time, in commentary on a post by Peta Murgatroyd, a dancer who testified in the magazine’s video interview. People about the three miscarriages she suffered. “This is not insignificant, either physically or emotionally,” continued Sharon Stone in the publication, unveiled on Tuesday, June 21.

Before adding: “Yet we are made to feel that it is something that we must bear alone and in secret, with a feeling of failure, instead of receiving the compassion, empathy and healing that we have. much needed.” And Sharon Stone concludes: “The health and well-being of women has been left to the care of male ideology, becoming at best lax, ignorant of facts, and violently oppressive (…)”

Sharon Stone claims to have lost nine children to miscarriage. (Posted June 21, 2022.) Instagram screenshot/@petamurgatroyd

In video, Sharon Stone replays the scene of the crossing of legs of Basic Instinct

A baby died after 5 and a half months of pregnancy

The heroine of Basic Instinct (1992) had previously revealed on the radio show “Woman’s Hour”, broadcast in April 2021, that she had lost a baby when she was 5 and a half months pregnant. She had then lived “36 hours of work alone”, in the hospital. In her story, the actress had nevertheless praised the “powerful sisterhood” and the “understanding” of the nurses who had accompanied her in this ordeal.

During this exchange, the actress also expressed her gratitude to Vanessa Kirby, the interpreter of Martha, a mother who loses her baby during a home birth, in the film Pieces of a Woman (2020). Married from 1998 to 2004 to journalist Phil Bronstein, Sharon Stone suffered several miscarriages before adopting with him a little boy, Roan, born in 2000. She then appealed to a surrogate mother, who gave birth to her boy Laird, 16, then adopted Quinn, 15.


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