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Sonic Origins: Developers "very unhappy" with the state of the game

Sonic Origins: Developers “very unhappy” with the state of the game

Game News Sonic Origins: Developers “very unhappy” with the state of the game

A Sonic Origins developer reveals the development team’s dissatisfaction with the final version of the game.

Sonic Origins compiles several of the legendary games of the Sonic franchise in remastered versions. While players appreciate having their nostalgia nurtured, the game has received a lot of criticism for various issues: the bugs, the new engine, the price, and especially the cutting of certain parts of the games into DLCs. We discover that there is not only the players who are dissatisfied: the developers too

“Each of us is very unhappy with the state of Origins”

the Headcannon studio worked on Retro Engine (created by Christian Whitehead and used in particular on Sonic Mania) but also on the remaster of Sonic 3 & Knuckles in Sonic Origins. One of their developers and founder, Simon Thomley, just posted a long Twitter thread in which he explains how great they are aware of the problems of the titlebut also that they cannot not bear all responsibility of these concerns.

It’s frustrating. I’m not going to lie and say there were no issues with what we gave Sega, but what’s in Origins isn’t what we rendered either. The integration (from the remaster of Sonic 3 to the compilation by Sega, editor’s note) has introduced some wild bugs that conventional logic would attribute to our responsibility – many of them are not.

As far as Origins goes, we were externals creating a separate project which was then turned into something completely different. We knew there would be a major time crunch and dug into work to address it, just to get it finished and released.

Again I can take responsibility for my mistakes and those of my team, and there were. Some real mistakes, some negligence, hasty works, things we noticed but weren’t allowed to fix towards the end. It’s absolutely not perfect and part of it is our responsibility. It is complicated.

I am extremely proud of my team for their performance under such pressurebut each of us is very unhappy with the state of Origins and even Sonic 3 content. We weren’t too thrilled with the state of the game when we pre-submitted it either, but a lot of it was out of our control.

We have asked to make major corrections before submission, but we were not allowed due to submission and approval rules. We asked about the delays, early and repeatedly, but were told it was not possible. We have offered to come back for fixes and updates after publication – we don’t know yet if it’s planned.

We want these issues resolved. We have provided a ton of feedback during and after the development of Origins and the integration of Sonic 3. We did a lot of work after the end of our working time to fix things, support Sega and prepare for future updates.

I have to apologize for not having touched on this stuff sooner, but you have to understand – a lot of things like this are considered “non-professional” and can damage our relationship with Segawhich means no updates for Origins, and no other 2D and pixel-art Sonic games from us.

Why am I talking about it now, then? Well, there’s just too many things pointed out that are and are not related to usand I don’t want to sit in silence while people ask why and how things got to a product they had put their hope and money into.

I hear you, Headcannon hears you. We wanted to do it right then and still now. There are so many things you will never know or understand in the field of this type of work, but know and understand this – we do our best to our own detriment, and we care about our work and about Sonic.

Sega responsible for the bugs in the Sonic Origins compilation?

Many fans report that Sonic Origins Features Retro Games That Don’t React Like The Origins Games. These remasters are indeed responsible for various bugs that were not present on Mega Drive. This might come as a surprise, as Sega has already brought out the old Sonics several times without this kind of problem. But the previous times, it was an emulation of the original games, whereas here they have been re-developed with the Retro Engine.

This time, for Origins, Sega internally developed the compilationusing remade versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, and Sonic CD developed on Retro Engine between 2011 and 2013. Sonic 3 & Knuckles was externally remastered by Headcannon. He was then integrated into the compilation by Sega, which obviously created many bugs which did not exist on the version rendered by Headcannon. And above all, Thomley repeats several times that the Headcannon’s requests to rework the title were ignored. One thing is certain, Sega does not have a good role in the testimony of the founder of the studio…

Sonic Origins was released yesterday on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Switch.

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