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Un gars et une fille en prime time, reformation des Inconnus, retour de la «Star Ac’»: TF1 dévoile les moments forts de sa prochaine saison

TF1 reveals the highlights of its next season

La Première Chaîne presented its back-to-school programmes. In terms of entertainment, there is no shortage of novelties.

TF1 did not wait for the end of the current season to unveil its new features for the start of the next school year. In the channel’s auditorium, Ara Aprikian (deputy managing director in charge of group content), Fabrice Bailly (director of programs and acquisitions), and Xavier Gandon (director of antennas) detailed the new features planned for 2022/2023.

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In terms of prime time events, the front page announces a special evening a boy and a girl . “We thought it was a catalog to revisit“says Xavier Gandon. Thus the show will offer the best moments of Chouchou (Alexandra Lamy) and Loulou (Jean Dujardin), but will also be an opportunity to revisit their sketches by unexpected duets. If this short program was born in 1999 on France 2, the chain considers that today this series belongs to the “French television heritage“.

Another highlight of next season: the Unknowns are reforming on the occasion of a new mini-fiction. “They will be accompanied by artists who will pay tribute to them by reinterpreting their cult sketches», summarizes the director of the antennas. Similarly, after a first test in 2019, the Palmashow will also return with a new series of parodies. Filming will take place in the fall for broadcast in 2023.

MYTF1 will launch “Who will dance with the stars?”

Obviously, as we know since last May, “Star Academy” is once again opening its doors for a new season, fifteen after its last broadcast on the channel. “Paradoxically, this great brand of the 2000s, by its concept, its construction, and its promise, is totally adapted to the multimedia exhibitionexplains Xavier Gandon. In addition to the major prime times on TF1, the daily in access, we can follow the entire adventure on MYTF1 and the show will have a strong presence on social networks.“.

If “Koh Lanta”, “The Voice”, “The Voice kids”, “Dancing with the stars”, etc., are renewed, some will incorporate new features for this new season. “DALS” will offer on MYTF1: “Who will dance with the stars?”, a competition launched when the new edition was announced. We will follow the casting of new dancers and viewers will vote at the end for the two new recruits who will join the troupe. On the side of “Mask Singer”, the new team of investigators (Kev Adams is joined by Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa and Jeff Panacloc) is currently filming the fourth season. As for “The Voice kids”, the press conference was an opportunity to see the first images of a new quartet of coaches. We discover Louane particularly moved by the blind audition of a young talent who has just performed A happy manjust like her in 2013.”This song changed my life“, she explains, alongside Julien Doré, Patrick Fiori and Kendji Girac.

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To formalize the arrival of the one who will replace Alessandra Sublet in “C Canteloup”, the comedian has outright staged a false presidential address broadcast during the conference. “Canteloup returns in September and I took the liberty of naming its First Lady very naturally. This is… Hélène Mannarinohe announced with the voice of Emmanuel Macron. Live performance will also be honored with, among others, Kendji Girac’s concert at the Palais des sports in Paris, the Indochina tour, the latest shows by Gaspard Proust, Jarry, Anne Roumanoff, not forgetting Fabrice Lucchini who for the first time to accept that we capture his only-on-stage: Writers talk about money.

Reality TV remains. “It’s a very important genre for ussays Xavier Gandon. What we try to do is to renew it, year after year, to renew the codes, to propose novelties, to surprise our public.“. This is how “La Bataille des clans” will soon be launched on TFX, a mix between reality TV and sitcom.

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