“The end”: Alizée makes a terrible announcement on social networks…

Alizée: a beloved French artist

Source: Capture TF1

Alizée started her career in 1999 when she won the French talent show Graines de Star. Surrounded by great artists such as Mylène Farmer and her composer Laurent Boutonnat, she quickly integrated the world of music. She quickly became known to the French thanks to her music such as “Moi…Lolita” or “L’Alizé”. Even though she started out in the music world, that didn’t stop her from trying various other things. Like dancing, when it appeared on our screens in 2013 for the show “Dancing with the Stars”. France has seen, over the years, this young woman transform into a real artist of the 21st century. Because of her charisma, her wonderful voice, and her bewitching dances, Alizée charms us all. She collects fans by the thousands, and keeps a link with them through her social networks.

The singer’s Instagram

Alizée and her loyal fans often use Instagram to communicate. Whether it’s good or bad news, Alizée often confides in this social network and talks about her concerns about the future. Recently, she published her last big news: followed by her husband Grégoire Lyonnet, she presented her fourth dance gala. She met her husband during the cult TF1 show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2013, when they formed a shocking duo by winning the fourth season. After that, they set up a dance school. This is called “Studio de danse Lyonnet”, where they welcome students and ensembles create spectacular pieces. On June 19, 2022 in Ajaccio in Corsica, they went to the Palatinu, the Palais des sports et des spectacles with their studio.

Dance gala

The Instagram account of the Lyonnet dance studio (directed by Alizée and her husband) posted the following message on Wednesday June 15, 2022. “The #teamAG is ready for its end-of-year show! There are still a few places left, come spend a moment with them on the Palatinu stage. Tickets are on sale at the dance studio today all day until 8 p.m. They will also be on sale tomorrow evening at the studio and on Sunday at the reception of the Palatinu”.

A new era for Alizée

A page turns for the French singer, dancer and musician. This Thursday, June 23, Alizée posted an image, in an Instagram story, of the show in Ajaccio followed by a “The end”. This story announces the end of this show at the Palatinu, but it’s not all negative. Alizée, accompanied by her companion, should not be the saddest given the amount of money they had to collect. Entrance to the Palatinu on the evening of their gala was €28, and this room can accommodate nearly 2,800 people. If we consider that the room was full that evening, we can estimate a total profit of €78,400. A sum that clearly makes you want to work!

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