the host presents Magalie, his pretty companion

the host presents Magalie, his pretty companion

He had mentioned it in half a word a few weeks ago. But it was only this Wednesday, June 22 that he officially presented Magalie. Indeed, Antoine de Maximy has not been a heart to take for a while now. However, he had never presented, officially, the one who makes him happy since he met her.

The young woman can consider herself lucky as the globetrotter has always made a point of honor to his freedom, so important to him and especially for the work he does. Indeed, without this “freedom”, he could not have made all the trips he shared with his fans and viewers. And the latter still remember his last stay in Abidjan which did not go as planned… City in which he fractured his tibia fibula, which forced him to be repatriated to France.

This pretty blonde who makes him happy

An injury that undoubtedly worried Magalie a lot, whom he mentioned on June 1 on the set of Do not touch My TV. “It’s not going badly. It hasn’t happened to me often because I’m too independent, but here it works!”, he announced to Cyril Hanouna very happy with what was happening to him. But when did Antoine de Maximy meet the new girlfriend of his heart? It would be at the Avignon Festival according to our colleagues from Purepeople.

And it was only on June 22 that he “presented” her officially during an evening organized by RMC. The couple appears complicit in many shots and we observe that this pretty blonde is a bit taller than him. Hoping that having “taken the plunge”, the famous globetrotter appears more often with the one that allows him to keep his eternal smile.

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