"The next ones are warned": Laurent Ruquier cash on Catherine Barma, to whom he owes an astronomical sum!

“The next ones are warned”: Laurent Ruquier cash on Catherine Barma, to whom he owes an astronomical sum!

In 2020, after almost fifteen years of collaboration, Laurent Ruquier made the decision to leave We are not in bed on France 2. At the same time, he signed the end of his relationship with his ex-producer Catherine Barma. She then sued him for “abrupt termination of an established business relationship“. The verdict is in: the thirteenth chamber of the Paris Commercial Court has chosen to order Laurent Ruquier’s companies (Ruq Productions and Little Bros) to pay Tout sur l’Écran (Catherine Barma’s company) 999,715 euros, i.e. nearly one million euros in damages. With our colleagues from Parisianhe refers to this court decision.

When asked if he intends to appeal, the lover of Hugo Manos indicates that “it is not decided yet”. “We have a month to do it. On the other hand, I did not sue Catherine Barma, it was she who attacked me. I don’t want people to think I’m the bad guy in this storyhe insists. If she had wished to continue on Saturday evening, she had the possibility. And this point was not retained in the judgment. In any case, the next animators with whom she wishes to work have been notified : pay close attention to your contracts.

Laurent Ruquier “lived the verdict quite badly”

Laurent Ruquier also confides that he “quite badly experienced the unexpected verdict of the court in the trial brought by Catherine Barma“. He who recently announced his departure fromWe are live had indicated that he would miss the artists. A few words on which they come back, throwing in passing a tackle to his ex-producer. “This is a real programming policy on my part, which I have always wanted and defended. I’m not looking for the audience at all costs (…) It was sometimes a fight with Catherine Barma (his ex-producer). At the time, she had even reproached me for receiving Juliette or Grégory Gadebois because they were too big“, he lets go.

If he leaves the program he presented with Léa Salamé, Laurent Ruquier does not definitely slam the door of France 2. “In October and November, I’m going to test two new releases in prime time. The first will be a current affairs song show, where singers, impersonators or comedians will perform current affairs titles, either with their original text or with parodies that I will write. The second will be entitled ‘Today like yesterday’. It will be the news of the moment seen through the prism of yesterday’s images. There will be guests on set and a great debate as I wanted to do on Saturday evening“, he says. A new start on the same channel, but with another production…

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