this vasectomy which almost imploded a flagship couple of "Large families, life in XXL"

this vasectomy which almost imploded a flagship couple of “Large families, life in XXL”

For the past two years, the famous docu-reality “Large families, life in XXL” has been the heyday of the first channel. Facing the camera, parents accompanied by their children have agreed to lift the veil on their daily life… which is far from being a long calm river. Managing a large tribe is not always easy. Quite the contrary!

Over the seasons, the Pellissard clan as well as the Beaufours have had the merit of unleashing passions. In town, Ophélie and Teddy are the happy parents of six children. They quickly intrigued viewers with their green side. For a time, the lovebirds no longer wanted to expand their family. Exclusively for Jordan De Luxe, the main interested party explained himself frankly on this subject.

“It’s the biggest mistake of our lives”

“I didn’t want to have so many children at the base. But I wanted four, it’s a number like that and we had children as we went, according to our desires “, Teddy confessed to the reporter. After long discussions, the couple decided to make a radical decision. “We decided two or three years ago that I should have a vasectomy because we had said that we would stop at six children”, added the ex-merchant who quickly regretted his choice. Just like his other half.

“After a year, we regretted it. This is the biggest mistake of our life.” added the one who “been sterilized” because his companion “couldn’t take birth control.” But this choice had some implications for their relationship. “We had a hard time mourning over that,” clarified Teddy not without emotion. “Why did we do this? I decided to see a doctor again in Toulouse to go back, it’s possible to do that. I did the surgery, but it didn’t work. We spent 4 very complicated months. It is a bereavement, a very big shock”. One way or another, Teddy and Ophelia hope to be able to welcome a new member to their clan in the future…


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