Top 14 final: the concussion protocol marks the end of Catalan Guilhem Guirado's career

Top 14 final: the concussion protocol marks the end of Catalan Guilhem Guirado’s career

For his last match, the native of Céret left the field against his will…

It was after a violent contact with a Castres player that Guilhem Guirado was forced to pass the concussion protocol. In view of his hurried step, he seemed to imagine that it would only be a formality, before he returned to the lawn.

Unfortunately, the medical staff decided otherwise. While his team largely led the debates (23-3), the hooker of the MHR was not allowed to gain the ground and thus ends his career on this note. The former emblematic player of Usap (2006-2014), can nevertheless hope to see his team lift the Brennus at the end of the game, it is in any case very good start for …

Former captain of the XV of France, the Cérétan thus puts an end to a prestigious career. President Macron even had words of praise for him before the match.

“I wanted to congratulate you on this career. I imagine that there is a lot of emotion tonight. You fought great fights. In the difficult years of the XV of France, you were there, you carried more than one and I wanted to thank you especially for that”.

The Catalan notably won the Top 14 in 2009 with Usap. He was also crowned in the European Cup with Toulon in 2015 and in the European Challenge last season with MHR. Guirado, with whom fate has not always been kind in Blue, has played in three World Cups, reaching the final in 2011 then the quarters in 2015 and 2019.

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