En plus de leurs musiques diffusées dans les stations, BigFlo et Oli s

Toulouse. What are these large black panels that appeared in the metro on Friday?

In addition to their music broadcast in the stations, BigFlo and Oli appear on the walls of the Toulouse metro. Here, the lyrics of the very good “The favorite sound of my friends”. (©Maxence Dourlen/Actu Toulouse)

It’s the big day for BigFlo and Oli ! After two years of absence, the two rappers from Toulouse are finally back with the release of their new album The others are us ” this Friday, June 24, 2022. For the occasion, the two brothers struck a blow by “invading” the corridors of the Toulouse metro!

The album broadcast in the stations…

Impatient with the idea of ​​returning to the front of the stage, BigFlo and Oli have pulled out all the stops to celebrate the arrival of this long-awaited album by fans. This Friday, “The others are us” is broadcast in the corridors of the metro. Many Internet users were surprised, early this morning, when they heard the voices of the two young rappers resonate on lines A and B.

For example, you could listen to the very nostalgic “Coup de vieux”, recorded with Julien Doré, at the Capitole station in the middle of the morning. Others were able to discover the astonishing collaboration with Francis Cabrel or even the title “Fan” imagined with Vald.

…And the lyrics posted on the walls

And that’s not all ! In addition to the distribution of their new titles, BigFlo and Oli are displayed on the walls of many metro stations. In particular, you can read the lyrics of their new songs.

Videos: currently on Actu

“It’s easy to set fire to a forest, so much easier than to plant it. There are a thousand ways to be right, the first is first of all to admit that we were wrong, ”we can read in particular to the Carmelites.

One thing is certain: the two rappers did not miss their return! It is now up to the public to appropriate “The others are us” before the start of the festival tour: the warm-up.

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