Vos jeux Xbox seront bientôt encore plus fluides, voici pourquoi

Your Xbox games will soon be even smoother, here’s why

News hardware Your Xbox games will soon be even smoother, here’s why

Microsoft announced yesterday the deployment of FSR 2.0 in the development kits that it makes available to creators wishing to release their games on Xbox. Designed by AMD, this upscaling technique, which allows the display of more fluid graphics without loss of image quality, was already present on Xbox consoles in version 1.0. What will this technology change, and will it be exclusive to Microsoft? Explanations.

FSR 2.0, soon on Xbox consoles?

Xbox and AMD work hand in hand. Last year, the “first generation” FSR was launched on the manufacturer’s consoles. Jason Ronaldspokesperson for Microsoft’s gaming division, then spoke of a ” close partnership “with AMD, whose components also equip the Xbox Series X and S.

This partnership continues today, since FidelityFX Super Resolution technology version 2.0 just included in the Xbox Games SDK. This means, in short, that studios will be able to easily exploit this technology as soon as they create a game on Xbox. An announcement unveiled by GPUOpen, the platform for sharing resources in open source from AMD, and taken over by Ronald himself.

More amazing: the Xbox One should also benefit from this improvement, according to AMD’s announcement tweet. Given the data sheet today dated for this old generation console, we are waiting to see to what extent this possibility will actually materialize.

FSR 2.0, what for?

FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) is often considered AMD’s “answer” to NVIDIA’s (powerful) Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. Although it is not based on the same principle, the FSR also allows increase the performance and fluidity of gamesbased on theupscaling from a lower native resolution image.

Promising, and shared in an open-source logic, the FSR has met with great success, which AMD is pleased to say: “ more than 110 games are already compatible – a much higher adoption rate than that of DLSS, as the manufacturer points out.

That said, the FSR remains less efficient than its rival. A defect which the FSR 2.0, launched last May, intends to remedy, by optimizing the efficiency of its anti aliasing to reduce loss of loyalty, and provide an image of equivalent, if not better, visual quality than the native resolution.

FSR 2.0, when is it on PS5?

Like the first version, the FSR 2.0 is a technology open source, available to all developers. In absolute, it can therefore be used on all new generation titleswhether they come out on PC, Xbox Series X / S or PS5 – especially since the PS5 also uses an architecture made in AMD.

In practice, however, the “default” integration of FSR 2.0 into the Xbox Games SDK should greatly facilitate its adoption by creators targeting Microsoft consoles. AMD has already revealed a long list of compatible games, available or to come, including death loop, The Callisto Protocol or Microsoft Flight Simulator.

On his side, Sony has made no announcement regarding the democratization of this technology, leaving its use to the discretion of the studios. The PC version of god of war, for its part, is among the compatible games. It must be said that the Japanese manufacturer had also been slow to initiate the compatibility of the PS5 with the VRR, and that the Japanese firm rather focuses its communication on its line-up of games, where Microsoft has, from the start of this generation , often talked about graphics power.

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