Cyndie (Married at first sight) explains why the last episode was "horrible" for her (VIDEO)

Cyndie (Married at first sight) explains why the last episode was “horrible” for her (VIDEO)

After her breakup with Jauffrey, Cyndie, candidate for the Married at First Sight program, decided to speak up and come back to this episode “completely wrong“.

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By participating in season 6 of the romance program Married at first sight, Cyndie harbored hopes that science would help her find the perfect person for her. Putting her future lover in the hands of experts Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin, the candidate was found to be 76% compatible with Jauffrey. A meeting that turned out to be promising for the young beautician when she arrived at the altar of the Gibraltar Botanical Garden. Seduced by each other, the two candidates said “yes”, under the enchanted gaze of their loved ones. After a ceremony under the sign of good humor and joy, Cyndie and Jauffrey flew away for their honeymoon. A beginning of idyll which seemed encouraging in the eyes of the viewers, who were quickly disillusioned by discovering, during the previous episode, that the newlyweds had preferred to divorce. Upset by the image attributed to her, Cyndie wanted to reestablish her truth, by sharing a live with her Instagram community.

I needed to quell my anger

Following the broadcast of her assessment episode, Cyndie was the target of numerous criticisms on the Web. First preferring to remain silent in the face of this wave of hatred, the candidate finally spoke, during a live Instagram. “I took a long time to do the live because I already wanted to appease my anger“, she began by saying. In announcing her desire to break up with Jauffrey, Cyndie was criticized for her lack of communication within the relationship. Unjustified criticism for the young woman, who specified that at the During their honeymoon, doubts had already set in. Open to communication, she claimed to have shared her concerns with her husband.

We had already been separated for more than two weeks

When the balance sheet was released, Internet users strongly attacked Cyndie. Noting the surprise of Jauffrey, the fans of the program took affection and compassion for him. An attitude that remains incomprehensible for the young woman, who said: “We had already been separated for more than two weeks.” Before insisting that their separation is not due to the young man’s apartment being renovated, but to “a big argument” which was triggered during her stay in Marseille. After which she added: “We ended this relationship because we weren’t compatible at all. We weren’t on the same timing and I don’t blame him.

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"I needed to quell my anger" : Cyndie (Married at first sight) explains why the last episode was "horrible" for her (VIDEO)

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