«J’ai cru que j’allais mourir»: Odile Vuillemin raconte la peur de sa vie

Odile Vuillemin recounts the fear of her life

FIGARO LIVE – The actress, passionate about escape, is releasing a book in which she recounts three trips that have marked her life.

Those who have followed her since her debut may not know it, but Odile Vuillemin has another passion in life than comedy, travel. She tells about three of them in Latitudes, a book published by Michel Lafon editions. Iceland, Greenland and Indonesia. Stays during which she is always alone. “We all need to come face to face with ourselves at some point.“, confides the actress to the” Buzz TV of TV Magazine “. “It’s a breath because on set, I’m not quite me, not quite someone else. There are up to 50 people around us and soliciting us all the time. So I need to dump what happened and feed myself otherwise I’m not a good actress anymore“, she continues.

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His travels are not always a long calm river. In Greenland, the former star of Profiling on TF1 even had the fear of his life. “One night I thought I was going to dieshe says. I was leaving from Ilulissat where there is the greatest production of icebergs in the northern hemisphere. It was very pretty. I woke up and when I opened the curtains, everything had exploded. There had been a pressure surge in the glacier and icebergs everywhere. I did not see how we could take the boat in this situation“, she says. We convince her all the same to take a “little” boat. “I was not very reassuredshe recalls. Above all, it was not necessary to leave at the front of the boat which broke the ice and pushed back the icebergs“, recalls the one who will cross the ice for five long hours before arriving at the foot of a glacier, her point of departure, in a “end of the world atmosphere“, she describes again.

“There is no network so I can’t even say goodbye to my parents”

Odile Vuillemin

The journey does not end there. “We stay in huts on stilts on a base camp without water or electricity. At night, when I go to bed, it’s so windy that the bed shakesshe remembers. I tell myself that the cabin is going to come undone and that I am going to die there. There is no network so I can’t even say goodbye to my parents. And I don’t know why, as a last bastion of humanity, I grab my flashlight and turn it on from time to time. Seeing me must have reassured me, I don’t know. And, every hour, I check that the other huts do not fly away. A real panic attack. I woke up with my hands clutching the flashlight!“. After this episode, Odile Vuillemin will continue her expedition without incident.

The photos of Odile Vuillemin’s travels will be exhibited at the Senate Orangery from July 13 to 25.


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