Princess Beatrice: Hollywood star look, she sparkles with a thousand lights on the arm of her husband Edoardo

Princess Beatrice: Hollywood star look, she sparkles with a thousand lights on the arm of her husband Edoardo

She shone throughout the evening with her superb dress: this Thursday, Princess Beatrice went to the evening “The Alchemist’s Feast“, organized in the National Gallery. And we can say that in terms of looks… she had gone all out! Dressed in a long silver and sequined dress from the American brand Markarian, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew shone with a thousand lights at her arrival on the arm of her husband Edoardo.

The finest observers have however noticed that the dress had been slightly modified: normally very low-cut, it had been closed by a stitch for the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, surely more comfortable like that than with a dress fully open on the chest.

The young mother of little Sienna (10 months) also wore a clutch decorated with Swarovski diamonds and was very smiling alongside her husband, Edoardo, who has shared her life since 2019 and whom she married in July 2020 in front of very few relatives, with the exception of his grandparents.

In any case, she seems to have never been so happy, despite the scandal that affected her father a few months ago. Accused of being part of Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile network, Prince Andrew had to pay a very heavy sum to avoid trial. Since then, he has been declared persona non grata by his brother, Prince Charles, and his nephew, Prince William, who refuses to participate in the events if he comes.

A scandal that haunted the Jubilee, where Beatrice truly shone in the company of her youngest Eugenie, to whom she is very close and who also had a baby last year, little August, born in January 2021. But the two sisters will soon have to separate: to follow her husband who leaves to work in Portugal, Eugenie will move during the summer.

This could also be the reason why Beatrice is taking up more and more space within the royal family: with her sister in Portugal and Prince Harry cut off from his family in the United States, she could have a real role in the future years, especially with his cousin William, future king.

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