TJ Parker (Asvel coach before match 5 against Monaco): "We were able to get up"

TJ Parker (Asvel coach before match 5 against Monaco): “We were able to get up”

TJ Parker (Asvel coach before game 5 of the final against Monaco) “If you manage to integrate the fact of being a competitor into a whole group, that’s the most important thing. It started against Efes Istanbul, we were under 19 and we came back to win the game. We see that there was something in this group: it does not let go. We were able to get up after defeats, whether in the play-offs against Cholet or with our backs to the wall against Monaco. It was not just matches where we won by one or two points but matches where we made the difference.

Even with the injuries it brought us back Marcos Knight and James Gist who were very important to us. We made the choice to keep them, it was very important to us. Behind it was next man up, later ! We had missed our first match but we found this intensity in the other three matches. I don’t think we have a psychological advantage, Monaco was on the verge of making the Final Four in the Euroleague. They are great competitors. They will be there. We know they are very strong but we have to use these players with great individual qualities.

Léo Westermann (leader and captain of AS Monaco) : “The criticisms were legitimate given what we produced in match 4. It’s our team, the same old story: we don’t really know what to expect when we arrive at the match. We can be flamboyant or very below what we can produce like Wednesday. There, if the motivation to be a champion is not enough, you might as well stop doing this job. Being able to lift a trophy must transcend us. In two days, it’s all over, you might as well give it your all. »


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