Pierre Ménès et sa compagne Mélissa Acosta se sont mariés

Pierre Ménès and his companion Mélissa Acosta are married

Estelle Denis, Dominique Grimault, Valérie Pécresse and Élie Semoun attended the union of the 58-year-old sports journalist and his partner.

They said yes”. Eleven years after their meeting in La Baule, Pierre Ménès and Mélissa Acosta got married. The 58-year-old sports journalist announced the good news in a message posted on his Instagram account the day after their union. “Finally! Husband and wife. A wonderful evening at our house with our friends. A flash of happiness in very hard times at all levels. But you are always by my side my rock, my strength, my love”he wrote in the caption of a photo of them in wedding outfits.

On the many videos taken the day of the party by the guests and relayed by the newlyweds, we can see a majority of the guests including Estelle Denis and Dominique Grimault. Also present were comedian Elie Semoun and former presidential candidate Valérie Pécresse, sports journalist Geoffroy Garétier and the president of RC Strasbourg. Contemporary artist Hom Nguyen gave them a painting of two hands holding each other.

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The couple’s three dogs, Joy Junior, Magic Junior and Edison, also attended their owners’ union. The two cocker spaniels and the Dalmatian wore a white bow tie for the occasion to which was hung a medal bearing the first names Mélissa and Pierre.

In 2016, when Pierre Ménès was suffering from health problems, Mélissa Acosta gave her news and revealed that he had undergone an organ transplant. “It’s already been a week since we had this magnificent gift. Who made us smile, especially hope and the desire to live»she had written before detailing the suffering of the wait then the relief and “the sadness of never being able to thank the people who made this organ donation possible because it is all anonymous”. “I could never thank you enough for what you have done for him, for usshe added. Thanks to you, donors, you have returned a smile that had been lost. A liveliness that had faded An even stronger desire to live. A desire to crunch life to the fullest. We owe you everything. What you have done for nothing in return is priceless. What an agonizing situation to wait for someone’s death to have the right to live…”

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A few months ago, the sports journalist again found himself in the hospital. “I spent three weeks in intensive care. I got out four weeks ago. It was linked to a general infection that affected my heart, my kidneys, my lungs, my brain. So I did a battery of tests: MRI, scanner, colonoscopy, kidney biopsy… I’m not a pretty sight. The doctors aren’t sure what I have yet. […] My doctor is convinced that my state of health is directly linked to my legal troubles.told the Parisian the former Canal+ consultant accused by several women of sexual assault.

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