Samuel Gigot

Givet: “Gigot was always appreciated wherever he went”

Samuel Gigot will defend the colors of OM this season. Gal Givet, who knew Arles-Avignon and to whom he remained close, was delighted with his visit to the Commanderie. The former Phocen gave details on his profile.

In the columns of ProvenceGal Givet confided the good he thought of Samuel Gigot, the new Olympian rookie: “He started with me. When I arrived at the ACAA, I was told: ‘You’ll see, there’s a young guy, he’s a little crazy, but he’s a great player.’ I was at the end of his career, but we immediately hit it off and we became friends. His ardor, his energy and his simplicity marked me. He was 19 years old, he was always smiling. In the locker room, he was appreciated by everyone. And on the pitch, he was a killer, both physically and technically. From the start, I recognized myself in him a little, that’s probably also why I closer to him, that I gave him advice based on my experience. He was demanding. When he started playing, it was difficult to get him out, he played very good matches and he impressed me.”he said daily.

“He has the perfect state of mind for the city”

Gal Givet describes it as “a fearless golgoth” and insists on its singular character: “He came out of nowhere, but it was logical for him to evolve like that given his qualities, his state of mind and his personality. I’m really not surprised to see him reach this level. I even think that He can go even higher, or he could have signed for a big foreign club. Marseille fans will learn to discover him. He has the perfect state of mind for the city, the club and the fans. “He is a warrior, he gives everything. He has always been appreciated wherever he has been, whether by his coaches, by his teammates and by the supporters. When you achieve unanimity, that means a lot.”he continued.

Many members of his family are subscribers to the Orange Vlodrome stadium. Givet admits that the pressure might be experienced differently than he experienced in Russia: “The desire to want to do too much to satisfy those around him, his friends, may have been complicated. But I know his family, they are simple people, and his circle of friends has always been the same since he was a child. won’t be a problem. Afterwards, he was in Russia and when he was criticized or when he played a bad game, his parents and those close to him might not realize it. There, if one day goes less well “, it will be more complicated to manage. This is the only flip side of the coin in my opinion, at the media and environmental level”he concluded.

28-year-old Samuel Gigot had been playing for Spartak Moscow since July 2018. He notably played 37 matches, in all competitions, this season.

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