Isabelle Adjani indicted in 2020 for falsified refunds

Isabelle Adjani indicted in 2020 for falsified refunds

Isabelle Adjani on 1er March 2022, in Paris, during the presentation of Christian Dior’s fall-winter 2022-2023 collection. JULIAN DE ROSA / AFP

The lawsuit revealed by Release could benefit from a dismissal, assures the lawyer of the French actress prosecuted for “scam” due to facts dating back to 2011-2012.

Actress Isabelle Adjani has been indicted for fraud after the complaint of a former consultant who accuses her of having falsified the repayment of her debts to her, a judicial source said on Friday, confirming information released on Friday by Release .

According to the daily, this indictment took place in October 2020. “I make no comment on this old case which is heading for a dismissal because there is no charge”, told AFP his lawyer, Maître Olivier Pardo. The boss of the Bestimage paparazzi agency, the queen of the people press “Mimi” Marchand, whose real name is Michèle Marchand, is also being prosecuted in this case for complicity in fraud.

“This case will go away on its own over time”

According Releasethe origin of this case dates back to 2011, when a strategy consultant, Sébastien G., was called upon to manage the actress’s company, Isia Films. “He opens a line of credit for her in her personal bank account, pays some of her taxes, gets her assigned an American Express card”, says the newspaper. But relations soured as Isabelle Adjani allegedly spent the money lavishly, according to the daily: “In July 2012, Sébastien G. withdrew his bank card which seemed to function like a bottomless pit. Four days later, he was dismissed from his role as manager of Isia Films.. The actress then owes 157,000 euros that Sébastien G. would have advanced to her.

“To reassure her creditor, Isabelle Adjani would have sent her proof of payment by transfer, emails from the bank and other documents supposed to attest to the payment of the funds and her good faith. But in reality, the money would never have reached its recipient.writing Release. Sébastien G. ended up filing a complaint against the star in October 2015.

According to the daily, the investigations would have made it possible to shed light on the role of “MimiMerchant in handing over these false “proof of payment”. “Michèle Marchand was indicted in this case about three years ago, for facts that go back several years, five, six, seven years”commented to AFP his counsel, Maître François Blistène. “Sébastien G. had filed a complaint against Isabelle Adjani, who implicated Mimi Marchand. Since the indictment of my client, nothing has happened, neither real interrogation on the merits, nor confrontation with Mrs. Adjani. This case will disappear by itself over time, and concerns random facts.he added.


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