Karim Rissouli's farewell in "C Politique" cut by the pub

Karim Rissouli’s farewell in “C Politique” cut by the pub

VIDEO – As he made his speech of thanks, live, for his last presentation of the Sunday broadcast of France 5, the journalist pronounced his last words off the air.

After seven seasons at the presentation of “C Politique” every Sunday on France 5, Karim Rissouli said goodbye last night. After thanking the guests and speakers who took part in the program, the journalist made a point of saying a few words to the attention of his collaborators, including Camille Girerd “who has chosen to devote himself to the production of documentaries and will no longer be around this table”. “For my part, I simply wanted to thank you, you who have trusted us for six years every Sunday and who continue to do so. Thank you for your loyalty, I will hand over next season.he began by declaring.

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““C Politique” continues, Thomas (Snégaroff, editor’s note) will be there, Yaël Goosz will be there and I know what I will be doing on Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. on my sofa or elsewherehe continued. Finally, I don’t have time to thank everyone, all those who have worked with me and who deserve it, I think, know it…” Before he could finish his farewell, France 5 launched its end credits and a pre-show ad break “C Politique, la suite”. Thomas Snégaroff returned to the air a few minutes later, still live, without referring to these shortened farewells from Karim Rissouli.

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Launched in 2009 by Nicolas Demorand, the magazine “C Politique” was successively presented by the latter then by Géraldine Muhlmann and by Caroline Roux before being taken over by Karim Rissouli in September 2016. The name of his successor has, for time, not communicated by France 5.

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