What secret is Sofia hiding?… The summaries of this week's episodes

What secret is Sofia hiding?… The summaries of this week’s episodes

Monday, June 27, episode 1216 : Martin finally discovers the whole truth. The Roussel family now has a new member. Judith has an idea that could tear everything apart for the inauguration of the farmhouse. Elsa is absolutely thrilled.

Tuesday, June 28, episode 1217 : Karim must rely on the expert hands of Renaud. The police discover the causes of the explosion of the mas and decide to open an investigation. Sofia returns from London, suitcases full of secrets. Camille’s future is still uncertain.

Wednesday, June 29, episode 1218 : New challenges await Karim. Various testimonies direct the police towards a potential suspect. Sofia’s photos are divisive. Raphaëlle chases away old demons.

Thursday, June 30, episode 1219 : Alex’s attacker was not at the mas by chance. New elements allow the police to explore other avenues. At the Spoon, customers shun Jeanne’s oysters. Pushed by Mona, Nathan decides to provoke fate. Sofia reads Manon like an open book.

Friday, July 1, episode 1220 : Perhaps Audrey’s discomfort hides something else. At the farmhouse, a violent altercation pushes Judith to make a difficult decision. Manon faces a formidable adversary. Timothy needs answers.

With: Ingrid Chauvin (Chloé Delcourt), Samy Gharbi (Karim Saeed), Julie Debazac (Aurore Jacob), Xavier Deluc (Sébastien Perraud), Kamel Belghazi (William Daunier), Alexandre Varga (Benjamin Ventura), Axel Kiener (Samuel Chardeau) , Maxime Lélue (Jordan Roussel), Rayane Huber (Dorian Curtis), Juliette Mabilat (Lizzie Dumas-Roussel), Emma Smet (Sofia Daunier), Emmanuel Moire (Francois Lehaut), Solène Hebert (Victoire Lazzari), Jennifer Lauret (Raphaëlle Perraud ), Charlotte Gaccio (Audrey Roussel), Thaïs Kirby (Irène Lopez Diallo), Alexandre Brasseur (Alex Bertrand), Maud Baecker (Anna Delcourt), Franck Monsigny (Martin Constant), Alice Varela (Judith Delcourt-Bertrand), Tristan Jerram ( Noa Josse), Adrien Rob (Damien Julliard), Grégoire Champion (Timothée), Louvia Bachelier (Manon Daunier Jacob), Youcef Agal (Nordine Becker), Bertille Boros-Turquin (Elsa Massari), Hector Langevin (Bart Vallorta), Luce Mouchel (Marianne Delcourt), Farouk Bermouga (Victor), Carole Bianic (Sophie Novak), May el Elhajaoui (Georges), Dimitri Fouque (Jack Dumas-Roussel), François Viette (Justin Poget), Nastasia Caruge (Jahia Lopez Diallo)

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