this American journalist's video on abortion goes around the United States

this American journalist’s video on abortion goes around the United States

After the Supreme Court revoked the right to abortion in the United States, a video of presenter Ana Kasparian, dated 2018, went viral on social networks.

It already has 7 million views. A video by journalist Ana Kasparian, dated 2018 and in which she expresses outrage at the pro life movement, resurfaced on the Twitter account @SaintHoax, in the light of the revocation by the Supreme Court of the right to abortion in the United States, on Friday June 24. The co-host of YouTube’s online show ‘The Young Turks’ says the Bible doesn’t have to dictate what women do with their bodies.

A “clown number”

“These words may be strong, but that’s what I sincerely think,” she began in the sequence, already taken up in May by the Twitter account @CH005Y. Before continuing: “I don’t care if you’re a Christian, I don’t care what the Bible says. I feel like it’s a clown number. You sit there, trying to decipher what your mythical little book says about these very political issues.”

And the facilitator, whose anger is more and more perceptible, to repeat: “I don’t care if you are a Christian. In fact, I will even fight so that you can benefit from your religious freedom, and that you can practice your religion. I believe in that”. Ana Kasparian nevertheless indicates “not to believe in Christianity”. “Which means you can’t dictate how I live my life based on your religion,” she stressed.

In video, “I don’t care what the Bible says”: in video, the cry of the heart of an American journalist on abortion

The “right not to believe it”

“I don’t care what the Bible says,” she said. You have all the rights in the world. All these women to whom your religion corresponds have every right in the world not to have an abortion, not to take the pill. But they don’t have the right to rule my life and dictate what I decide to do with my body.” Ana Kasparian later expressed her “fatigue” from having “non-stop” conversations “about what the Bible says.”

“Live your life the way you interpret the Bible,” she concluded. Again, I don’t care. But you can’t take the Bible and say to me, “Well, the Bible says this in such a chapter, in such a verse.” I do not care. I do not believe it. And I have the right, according to our Constitution, not to believe it.

The issue of parental leave

Born in Los Angeles in 1986 to Armenian parents, Ana Kasparian began her career as a production assistant for CBS Radio, before joining “The Young Turks”, a program created by Cenk Uygur and considered progressive, in 2007. host discusses themes such as politics, pop culture and lifestyle. At the beginning of May, Ana Kasparian had split a new cry from the heart on the set of the show.

She then evoked the paradox between the revocation of the right to abortion and the opposition of the Republicans to the establishment of affordable childcare services. “We don’t even have parental leave,” she said indignantly. We don’t even have affordable child care in this goddamn country.” On social networks, other women, like Ireland Baldwin, have chosen to give their testimonies about their respective abortions to raise awareness in their community.


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