Bruno (Les 12 Coups de midi) as a couple?  He responds and reveals his new life

Bruno (Les 12 Coups de midi) as a couple? He responds and reveals his new life

He is one of the greatest champions of 12 noon shots. After eight months of participation in the TF1 game, Bruno was finally eliminated in October 2021. But he did not leave empty-handed. Indeed, the charming brown pocketed 1,026,107 euros, including nearly 700,000 euros in cash net of taxes. A nice jackpot! And this does not mean that he participates in special programs bringing together the best candidates. Tuesday, June 28, 2022, during the fight of the masters of 12 noon shots, Bruno was indeed present… in the audience. The opportunity for Jean-Luc Reichmann to hear from him.

Do you have a Bruno pet?“, launches the host. It is then that the former star of the program responds and takes the opportunity to give some information about his life since his time in the game. “No, and then I still don’t have an apartment, I don’t have a home, I don’t have a job, I don’t have a boyfriend… It is the crisis“, then confides Bruno. Astonished, Jean-Luc Reichmann continues: “But then you are on the street? Still haven’t found a guy?“The young man then confirms, specifying that he”don’t look for it“.”On the other hand housing I am looking for, I am on the right track“, he adds, specifying that he has bought an apartment in Pau and that he should settle there soon.

Remember that Bruno had already mentioned his new life. With our colleagues from Pocket TV in May 2022, this former research manager at the channel’s advertising department before the health crisis got involved dropped everything. “I have an easier life because with a lot of money, it’s always easier. I lost my job and today I take care of investing my earnings in rental investments. It gives me time to think about what’s next. It’s a luxury“, he had declared.

A few months earlier, in the summer of 2021, Bruno had explained why his love life was sometimes mentioned on the air 12 noon shots. “Heterosexuals don’t mind talking about their lives, so I had no reason not to mention it. Afterwards, I’m single so we don’t come back to it on every show. And, that way, people don’t have to hit Bruno The twelve strokes of noon gay on google“, he confided to the Parisian.

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