new twist for Xavi Simons’ clause at PSV?

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It was an announcement at the start of the night from Tuesday to Wednesday that caused everyone’s surprise. While Xavi Simons was set to extend his expiring contract at PSG before leaving on loan to PSV Eindhoven, the Dutch club finally announced the player’s final signing, with a contract until 2027.

This signing obviously inflamed the supporters of PSG, angry to have seen Paris let go of a great hope free of any contract. But quickly, a new element came to qualify the problem. RMC has announced that the capital club has a clause, which can be activated in 2023, to bring Xavi Simons back to PSG for 4 million euros.

The denied clause on the PSV side!

Problem, this clause is now called into question! In its edition of the day, the Team returns to this file and ensures that certain actors, in particular on the side of PSV Eindhoven, completely deny the existence of this clause. Which would be very bad news for Paris, which would have lost its promising player for zero euros …

to summarize

While the departure of Xavi Simons from PSV caused a big surprise, the mention of a clause from PSG changed the situation. Except that … According to some sources, the existence of this clause would now be denied around the PSV.

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