play a grid for €13,000,000

play a grid for €13,000,000

This Friday, July 1, 2022, the Super Loto holiday draw will be imposed on all players with a superb jackpot of 13 million euros. This exceptional draw follows the draw of Friday May 13, 2022 which had not made a big winner and which had to wait for the draw of Wednesday May 18 and its pot of 16 million euros won in the Landes. You can already play a grid for this Super Loto draw on Friday evening, will you do it?

The last Loto draw on Wednesday June 29, 2022 did not make a big winner. Fortunately, without a millionaire, more than 600,000 grids were won today, the luckiest player won €176,529 after finding the 5 correct numbers. In addition to these winners, 21 players won €2,051 then ten Loto codes also rewarded 10 players with a check for €20,000.

For this next Super Loto draw, the price of the grid will be raised to €3 but the stakes, with 13 million euros + 50 winning codes and boosted intermediate ranks should be enough arguments to make you want to play your grid from today.

Play a Super Loto grid for this draw on Friday July 1, 2022

Celebrating the start of July, synonymous for some with holidays with the gain of 13 million euros, would be a very nice way to start the summer in order to take a real long-term vacation…

To win, you must first play a grid for this Super Loto drawhere is the procedure below.

  • Log in to your player account or open one in minutes if you haven’t already.
  • Select the “Super Loto” tab to tick your grid for this draw on Friday July 1st. Once in front of your game grid, tick 5 numbers + 1 Chance number as for any other Loto draw.
  • Validate your stake before 8:15 p.m. this Friday evening online on the Française des jeux website or on the internet on the website. Each Super Loto stake will cost you €3, find out why here!

Friday 01 July 2022 €13,000,000 day hour min dry To play

FAQ: frequently asked questions about the FDJ Super Loto

How to play a grid for the FDJ Super Loto draw?

To play your Super Loto grid now, you must tick your 5 numbers + 1 Chance number before 8:15 p.m. Whether online or at a point of sale, you will pay €3 for each grid you tick. ▶ Play a Loto grid online here

What will be the amount of the Super Loto jackpot on July 1?

The amount of the Super Loto jackpot amounts to 13 million euros this Friday, July 1, 2022. This jackpot is an exceptional jackpot in the same way as an evening on Friday the 13th. If no one wins the jackpot, it will grow to 14 million euros from Saturday evening.

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