a disturbing video makes the buzz

a disturbing video makes the buzz

By Clemence

– Published on 11 Jul 2022 at 14:45

Jazz recently celebrated its 30th birthday and a video of the event caused enormous unease on the Web. Discover it without further delay.

Revealed in season 4 of Who Wants to Marry My Son, Jazz has since enjoyed real success on television. The young woman has also very quickly chained with several programs such as The Angels, The villa of broken hearts or The battle of couples. And for a few years, Jazz has had its own reality show called the JLC Family. The opportunity for her many fans to follow her in her daily life as a woman, a mother, an influencer but also a wife through the episodes. Moreover, the JLC Family has been renewed for a season 7!

Today, it’s for another reason that Jazz is talking about her and she couldn’t be more hilarious. As you can see from the post above, the young woman celebrated her 30th birthday throwing a big birthday party with his closest friends and family. While several videos of the event have been posted on social networks, one sequence in particular made Internet users laugh a lot and it concerns Jazz’s mother. The latter redoubled her efforts to sing a song to her daughter. Only here, the result was not at all convincing if we are to believe some Internet users.

Jazz’s mother mocked

Indeed, many of them couldn’t help laughing when they discovered Sandra’s musical talents: “I love this family but my word I am MDR”, “Attention to the ears !!! », “I am embarrassed for her”“She has a beautiful voice but she sings a little bad lol”, “They really thought they were the Kardashians”, “It’s not Alicia Keys it’s Alicia from Wish but that’s the intention that counts”, “I don’t know what to think lol” could we read in particular. If this sequence made Internet users smile, Jazz, she obviously greatly appreciated the gift from her mother.

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