Alexandre Brasseur announces bad news

Alexandre Brasseur announces bad news

In the columns of Télé Poche, Alexandre Barsseur, the interpreter of Alex in tomorrow belongs to us, says more about the future of his character. And that’s not going to please the fans.

Alexander Brewerwhich we nevertheless see every evening in tomorrow belongs to us where he plays Alex, one of the key characters in the daily TF1 series alongside Ingrid Chauvin, shared bad news with our colleagues from Télé Poche concerning the oyster farmer, whose new farmhouse is the subject of many incidents. His character will disappear for a few weeks. He explains the reasons for this absence.

Alex will join Maxime in San Francisco

We are not going to see Alex for a while, because officially, he is joining Maxime, in Saint Francisco. In reality, I was in Brittany for the filming of Meurtres à Pont-Aven with Stéphane Freiss and Astrid Roos”, explains the actor who now protects his privacy. Speaking of Maxime, Ingrid Chauvin had recently given news of her interpreter Clément Rémiens, with whom she kept in touch: “He is doing very well. He takes the opportunity to travel, to live his life as a young man away from the cameras. That’s what makes him extraordinary too: he wants to be ordinary. He needed this little breathing”. For his part, Alexandre Brasseur added: “Obviously it did something to us to lose Clément but, at the same time, it’s life. Here is a young man who is in his twenties, who starts his career on a daily series, who makes a big bridge and easily steps over it to create a new one, on the same channel, a little earlier. And which then does other things and flies away towards its life. It’s quite joyful and positive”.

Filming in Brittany

The filming of Murders in Pont-Aven started at the beginning of June between Pont-Aven and Concarneau, and ended at the end of the month. This episode should be scheduled on France 3 by the end of 2022. “We hired forty-five technicians and, what’s funny, there are twenty-seven Bretons! Quite a coincidence.”said Pascal Lamargot, production manager, to our colleagues at Telegram.

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