Jean-Luc Reichmann : Ce très "violent" traitement qui faisait terriblement mal qu'il a suivi, tout ça pour rien

Jean-Luc Reichmann: This very “violent” treatment which hurt terribly that he followed, all for nothing

Rarely Jean-Luc Reichmann would have confided so much about his angioma. This physical peculiarity, he assumes it when he is younger. And her parents believe in medicine and try to make it disappear. He remembers, in particular, a treatment that was as painful as it was ineffective.

The difficult childhood of Jean-Luc Reichmann

Everyone knows that children can be very naughty. Because of his physical particularity, the young Jean-Luc Reichmann is an easy target for certain comrades. We point out this red spot, right in the middle of his face. A task that he has had since birth and that he would like not to have. Because of his physical difference, he does not take on this task. You have to see it disappear.

In the documentary broadcast by TF1, his mother remembers these moments when the doctors tell him that the task will go away. Over time, it will be less vivid, less visible. But the years pass, and the task remains. Aware that her son is suffering, his mother then seeks solutions. She hears about a treatment that may work. Jean-Luc Reichmann remembers it very well.

My mother used to take me to the hospital to make it go away. I was put on dry ice, it hurt horribly and it showed even more, with a crust. It was a horror. It was very violent. We did this three times and I asked that we stop“.

The traumas of Jean-Luc Reichmann

Human beings have this ability to remember certain words, certain actions. All the words heard concerning his task, Jean-Luc Reichmann remembers. Because those words hurt him. If his childhood was not easy, it was in adolescence that the one who is now a successful animator suffered enormously.

The trickiest part was adolescence. A girl told me that with my stain on her nose, she could never go out with me. But if physically, it was not that, I realized that by making people laugh, it brings people together a lot. It is perhaps thanks to this difference that I made seduction my profession.“. The host indeed presents the 12 Coups de Midi without hiding his task. She is part of him. But at its beginnings, its task is made up. When he presents, on France 2, Les Z’amours, she therefore does not appear:

After a year, I started erasing the foundation with my fingers. The producers wanted to make me the ideal son-in-law, I told them that I didn’t recognize myself, it was not me. I was old enough to take on my task“.

Jean-Luc Reichmann’s sister helps him carry out his task

While he indicates that he began to assume his task once he was well into adulthood, this psychological process of acceptance begins when he is still an adolescent. He realizes, still very young, that his sister is deaf. As a result, he compares his situation with Marie Laure’s disability. ” It was peanuts compared to his deafness“, Considers the host, speaking of his angioma.

I understood at eleven that what I have, with my difference, a spot on my nose, is absolutely nothing compared to my sister’s handicap. It shaped my character“. The host is also the first in his family to notice the deafness of his sister, nine years his junior. Marie-Laure is indeed 97% deaf due to a birth defect.

Today, Marie-Laure is little present in the media life of her brother. If she managed to live her life, to work and to start a family despite her handicap, she is not comfortable with the idea of ​​speaking in front of a camera. But she agrees to do it for her brother, during the filming of the documentary. The opportunity for Jean-Luc Reichmann to wake up being the first television host to ask that the programs he presents be subtitled. He makes this request after realizing that his sister does not understand his shows. At the time, only television news had subtitles. Marie-Laure is certainly not very present in the media, but she participated in changing television.

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